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So glad this week is over. Another really long week that feels kind of off. Not sure what that’s all about. Anyway … a busy weekend ahead.

Tomorrow, I’m going with my sis-in-law and the girls looking for dresses for her wedding this fall. I’m the photographer, of course. So excited! :)

Sunday, I have a meeting with one of my June brides. We are checking out their church and reception site and going over the wedding. It’s been over a year since I first met them, so it will be nice to see them again and hear all about the wedding plans.

Hopefully, I’ll be able to squeeze in a little scrapbooking somewhere in there, too. Heather has some awesome new products coming out that I’m so excited to play with.

Jake got me the movie Marie Antoinette for Valentines Day and I’ve watched it twice already. The coolest part about that movie is that they were actually allowed to shoot it at Versailles. Jake and I visited there in April of 1997 (almost 10 years ago … yikes!) and it was very cool to see the movie and remember walking the grounds and the Hall of Mirrors. That place is amazing and I’d love to go back someday. Anyway … it makes me want to start working on my travel album that I’ve had in my mind for several years now. I was able to go to some amazing places in Europe and I haven’t taken the time to properly record them. I mean, I’ve got a lot of our travels down in my journals, but I want to create something with all my pictures. I wish I had known more about photography then. I would’ve gone crazy if I had a better camera then. Ah well … I will go back. It’s on my list. :)

Here are some pictures from our April ’97 trip to Versailles.

our first view of Versailles when we came through the gates

the Hall of Mirrors

always loved this shot I got of one of the long hallways

if I remember right, this was the view from the queen’s room. the grounds are beautiful with amazing landscaping. next time I go, I’m taking more time to explore them. we only had a limited time because we were there with a tour group.

it was amazing. can’t wait to travel there again … with my good camera. :)

and in other news ….

my pictures are up on the wedding style site. woooohoooooooo!!!! can you tell I’m excited?


My new website design is finished (for the most part). It’s best viewed at 1024×768 or larger screens and you have to have Flash installed in your browser. Let me know what you think.

build a bear

The Build-A-Bear adventure was a great success. Chloe picked out the cutest little pink kitty and a couple outfits for it. It was fun. She got to choose a sound to go in her kitty (a cat’s meow, of course) and a little heart to put inside it with the stuffing. It was a fun little process. She even got to lay it on a little table that looks like a bathtub and give her kitty a “bath”. It had a little pedal and when she stepped on it, air came out of the “faucet” and fluffed the kitty’s fur. So cute. Then, we took her to ride on the carousel there in the mall. She had a ball. :)

Something fun while we were at the carousel. A man who was riding it saw me taking pictures and as the carousel passed me by he asked if I could spare a few pictures of him and the woman who was riding with him. Of course I said yes. They came over to talk to me afterwards and give me an email where to reach them and the woman told me that she came all the way from Arizona to ride the carousel with her dad. I thought that was so sweet. Here is a picture of Jerry and his daughter Kim. :)

more pics to come this weekend. having a little get together at my parents house for Chloe’s bday. :)

my valentine

Can’t believe Chloe is turning 4 on Sunday. Craziness! Made this page using the new True Love combo kit at Chloe’s my Valentines baby even though she wasn’t born on the 14th. I figure the 11th is close enough. :)

Finally used my gift cards from Christmas to get a Wacom tablet. I like it. Used it tonight to hand write on my layout. Takes a bit of practice, but I love to handwrite on my layouts so this will be nice for that.

Had a snow day today and pretty much sat around doing nothing. The kids watched “Monster House” again and played computer games and video games. It was an all around lazy day, but we were all inside and warm, which is good. Can’t believe how frigid it is. This morning the temps were below zero and not even with the wind chill. brrrrr! Got an email from Jeff and Becky today (on their honeymoon) and they said it’s 80-85 degrees in the Dominican Republic. I’m so jealous.

Jake’s grandma passed away this weekend, so we will be attending a funeral tomorrow afternoon. :(

Off to bed now. Stay warm everyone!

it’s a little cold here

This is the view from my kitchen window. I haven’t left the house in days. It’s stinkin’ cold. Our house is drafty, too, which is not good. Wind chills are at least -10. The actual temp outside right now is 1. :P

So, we’ve been sitting around the house for the past couple days. The blizzard began on Saturday and it snowed pretty steadily until this afternoon. School is already cancelled for tomorrow and I’m so relieved about that. I hate going out in the cold and now I don’t have to. :) Thank you, Lord.

We’ve been having some good family time while cooped up in the house. Last night, Jake ventured out and got us some dinner and movies from the video store. We watched “Monster House” with the kids and it was great. Reminded Jake and I of those 80’s movies we loved, like Goonies, where a group of kids have an adventure and end up saving the day. The kids loved it, too. In fact, they just put it in about an hour ago to watch it again. We watched the featurettes last night, too. It’s fascinating how they do the performance capture and stick all the little sensors all over the actors faces and bodies. Crazy how much technology it takes but it sure does make the finished product worth it.

Today, most churches were cancelled. I think ours still had a service but we didn’t go. Instead, we slept in and snuggled under the covers to stay warm. It was nice. And I even did some cleaning today. I will be the first to admit that I’m a terrible housekeeper. I hate the house when it’s messy and dirty, but I hate cleaning. I straightened the living room and dining room, put away the clean dishes in the dishwasher (that were washed last week), hand washed the rest of the dishes and put those away, put away the laundry (this is another bad area for me … always living out of the baskets). I felt like I really accomplished things. And the kitchen counter looks so awesome without the piles of dishes. :)

Also did a little work today, so I think it might be time to curl up on the couch under a blanket with a cup of coffee and some scrapbook magazines. Maybe even do a little paper scrapbooking for once.

The house is really quiet right now. The kids are actually sitting nicely together watching the movie. They are usually poking or hitting each other when they’re that close. I think they like the movie. :)

Hope everyone is staying warm. I’m really jealous of Jeff and Becky, who are on their honeymoon right now in the Dominican Republic in Punta Cana. I am so ready for Spring.


Got to shoot my first wedding of the year last night. The groom’s family and mine have been friends for about 20 years now and it was so special to be able to be there and do this for them. :) Posted some pics on my photo blog. Click here!


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