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“Mommy, look. I wrote my name.” I almost fell off my chair. Zach had been showing her a couple days ago how to write each letter of her name, but I had no idea that she could do it on her own. I was so excited that I whipped my camera out right away and she was proud to show it off for me. I love how she even put a smiley face under it. hehe! :)

And an update on my “Biggest Loser” progress. I haven’t really been weighing myself or anything since the scale here at home isn’t the “official” weigh-in scale and I don’t know how off it is from that one (we think it’s less by 4 lbs). But I weighed myself today and, even if it is off by 4, I have lost at least 8 lbs. I also measured myself. This excites me the most. I’ve lost 2.5″ off my waist, 3″ off my hips and an inch off my thighs and arms. I’m excited about the actual weight lost, but the measuring makes me happy because I can see the inches disappearing and I can already tell that my clothes aren’t as tight as they have been, which is so very encouraging. So, I’m keeping it up. Eating right. Exercising (and I must point out that I haven’t done anything much over the past month – a little elliptical trainer, which I can’t really do more than 20 minutes on yet, and some exercise videos done maybe 1-2 times a week). The biggest thing for me has been changing the eating habits. We’ve been eating at home much more and I’ve stopped drinking pop. And I’ve been drinking lots of Propel fitness water and Lipton Raspberry Iced Tea to Go. These are the things that are working for me.

Must work on our taxes now. ugh.

a good start

so I thought since I talked about my goal to scrapbook more in my last post, I should share a couple recent layouts. :)

• This one is kind of special. I was cleaning my office recently and came across this picture that kind of made me stop in my tracks. You know how you see a picture and it immediately takes you back. Well, that’s what happened. To just anyone else, it looks like the backs of three people, but to me it’s a beloved memory. My mom (on the right), my aunt and my Grandma, who passed away when I was 13. This was a familiar scene at my grandparents house. The ladies lining up in front of the sink after dinner, washing, rinsing, drying, talking. I was too young to really remember what they were talking and laughing about, but all it took was a peek at this picture to take me back. I’m glad I found this. I can’t wait to go through all my mom’s old negatives and discover more gems like this. And I’m glad that I can scrapbook and get the stories of the pictures down on paper.

used stuff from Heather Ann Designs for both of these, including her new Swoon Kit (only $5.99 … go get it now!!). :)

the other one

here’s Zach right after we got home from school.
love those eyes and his cute little messed up hair
from wearing his winter hat (it was like that all
day since he put the hat on this morning when his
hair was still wet. oops.)

my little guy is such the cutie pie!!! a little girl in
his class even gave him her phone # the other day.
how cute is that?


Having a good, quiet day around here. Chloe and I sat and colored for a while, had lunch, listened to a CD. She’s being pretty well behaved today, which is great, a real miracle. Took some pictures of her and of course she had to give me her best pose. :)


We were expecting this. Forecasts showed huge winter storms moving in with lots of freezing rain overnight and that’s what we got. Schools were cancelled today. I was hoping they would be. I love not having to get up to take Zach to school when it’s cold like this. Jake braved the roads this morning, though. Today is his first full day of classes this semester and he wasn’t going to miss it. He couldn’t get his car door open, though, so he had to climb across from the passenger side. Crazy. Took him over an hour to get there driving 40-50 the whole way on the highway. I was worried about him going. I really didn’t want him to. But he got there OK.

So today we are lazing around, Zach is playing his video games, Chloe is watching Toy Story and playing with her kitty she got on our Frankenmuth trip, and I am blogging. Such excitement.

Tried to take some pics of the kids. This is all Chloe would give me. :)

a quiet weekend

a couple pictures from Christmas in Ohio – 1. Jake & Zach, 2. Chloe & Uncle Rick

Not much going on around here this weekend. Groceries, dishes, laundry … the everyday stuff. Nothing exciting.

Did have some nice family moments this weekend.

Last night, Jake found some old mini audio tapes that he sent to me when we were first married. We were married in August of 1995 and three months later, he was deployed to Germany for the Army and then to Bosnia for a year. So we didn’t get to be together for our first Christmas as husband and wife and this tape was all about that. We listened and laughed and remembered just how awful it was at the time. It was so funny. We thought it was the end of the world. We were so young and all we wanted was to be together. We got through it. :)

Zach read to me last night from his school reading book (he’s getting so good!!!) and then we watched a little of “Napoleon Dynamite” that was on cable the other night. When LaFawnduh gives Kip the gold necklace, he said, “That’s kind of girly.” hehehe! Cracked me up. We like to watch the Discovery channel a bit, too. It Takes a Thief, Mythbusters (Zach’s favorite), Dirty Jobs, How It’s Made. Zach loves those kinds of shows. And he’s so curious. He’s always asking questions. We watched “Chronicles of Narnia” today and he was asking Jake all about war and what bomb shelters were. I love that he asks questions.

Chloe and I sat down and went over her alphabet the other day. She recognizes way more letters than I thought she knew, which is awesome. Yesterday, as I was watching her play, I thought about how weird it will be when she is in school, too. And I realized that I only have about a year and a half until that happens. A year and a half where she’ll be home with me during the day most days. I really need to cherish this time instead of constantly getting annoyed with her. I snuggled up on the couch with her today to watch Narnia. Need to do that more. She needs me right now. I just keep forgetting that she’s still 3. She has acted so much older for so long now. She’s really starting to get an attitude and cries, actually shrieks is more like it, when we try to talk to her about something she’s done wrong. Lots of things to work on there. I try to be the best mom I can, but I know I fail miserably so often.

I am liking this word “BECOME” that I have chosen for myself for this year. It pops in my mind every once in a while and I think about what it means to become, to change, to transform into something else. Looked it up on Merriam-Webster website and one of the definitions said:

       “to undergo change or development”

Awesome! Just what I need. I chose the exact right word. I need lots of growth and improvement. :) Don’t we all?

more pictures

from our waterpark getaway … a few outside shots during the gorgeous sunset

best christmas gift

well, one of them …

made a layout using one of Heather’s new templates (#28). took these pics of Chloe this morning dancing around to her Bella Dancerella DVD. I love it!!!! She’s so cute.


WELCOME to the new year

Had a nice, quiet end to the year. Two family Christmases. My brothers came over and we watched a movie and Dick Clark’s New Years Rockin’ Eve on New Years Eve. On New Years Day, we all went to my parents house for the big weigh in and the official start to our biggest loser family competition. Feeling good about the beginning of a healthier diet and getting rid of the extra weight.

I would have posted earlier in the week, but we just got home last night from a few days away at Zehnder’s Splash Village in Frankenmuth. We’ve been talking about doing this for a year now and I finally said let’s just do it and stop putting it off. We had to take Zach to the dentist on Wednesday morning for the appointment to remove his bad tooth that caused the swelling I previously posted about. He did so awesome. I’m so thankful for a child-friendly dentist. She is awesome and so good with him. He was so happy to be done there and excited to get to the waterpark. We headed up right after that. The kids played and I took some pictures and wandered outside for a bit for some pictures, too, because the sunset was absolutely gorgeous. Saturday we spent the whole day swimming. The kids loved it so much. On Sunday, they swam for a while and I went downtown Frankenmuth and did a little souvenir shopping. No major purchases since we just had Christmas and paid for the waterpark. But it was nice to just window shop for a couple hours and be by myself. Here are some pictures from our adventure. :)

Arrived home yesterday and got the kids all packed and ready again to go to my mom’s for the night. It was nice to have a quiet house. Jake and I went to lunch today and to see “The Holiday”, which I already saw with my friend Kelle, but loved and wanted to see again. Jake really liked it. He’s more into the storytelling aspect of movies since he’s a writer and that’s what he wants to do with his life. :) I love the story and can really relate with Kate Winslet’s character, Iris. Good movie. One I’d like to own.

Now we’re all home sweet home again and ready to settle into the routine again when Zach starts school again on Monday and Jake’s new semester of classes begins later in the week as well. And soon I will be shooting weddings again and getting back into the groove of that. I’m itching for that, but also trying to enjoy the time right now when it’s a little quieter and less busy before it gets crazy and a little chaotic again.

Was encouraged by Ali’s newsletter and blog yesterday to choose a word that is your word. For some reason the word “BECOME” stuck in my head so I jotted it down. Who knows what that word will be for me. Perhaps I will become a better wife and mother this year, become more skilled in my photography, become closer in my relationship with God than I’ve ever been before. For now, I will just let that word be mine and see what happens. :)

Hope everyone had a great holiday season. Feel free to comment any time. I’d love to hear from you and get to know you if I don’t already. :)

Love you guys!

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