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family pictures

last month, we got together with my friend (and assistant) Heidi and shot pictures of each other’s families. It was a good time and I’ve chosen the picture for our Christmas card, which I won’t share here yet, but I thought I would post some of the others. I put these on my photo blog, too, along with a few of Heidi and her hubby and their dog, Gus. :) Here are some of my family:

Playin’ in the leaves

Hangin’ out in the field :)

Off to my mom’s tonight. I’ll have some pictures to share from that, I’m sure. It’s her birthday today and we’re having a little pizza party and taking a family picture while we’re there. :) More later …

the angel

Got the Christmas tree all put up yesterday, so today was decorating day. Here is a little collage of Chloe putting the angel on the tree and a few pictures of Jake and the kids. Click the image to see it a little bigger.

Finished putting my Christmas cards together tonight. Most of them anyway. I’m really happy with them. Big thanks to Heidi for taking our family picture this year. :)

I’m coming down with a cold or something. My entire body is aching and I have not been feeling like myself for the past couple days. I am hoping it comes and goes quickly because I have a bunch of last minute things to do for work this week and I want to get everything done so I can take December off.

Zach read to me tonight. He brought home a reading book last week that they’ve been working on in class and he read me the entire thing – even some really big words that I thought he would get stuck on. I’m so excited for all he’s learning.

I also wanted to post a couple links that for some reason I just haven’t put up here yet. I will add them to my links over in the sidebar, too. These are my family’s small businesses. I’m such a bad daughter for not posting these sooner. oops. :)

For the archery enthusiast: Flight-Rite Spine Testers
For the woodworker: Easy Rasp
For your engraving needs: Amazing Engraving
For electronics repair (in the Hastings area): Rothhaar Electronics Repair (269) 945-5998
(my brother’s shop – he doesn’t have a website)

the last few days

MyhairThese are pictures of my gorgeous hair the other day. Chloe loves to take every barrette she has and do my hair. She does it every night. She climbs up on the couch with me and goes to work. And then she tells me what a beautiful princess I am. :)

Having a relaxing time off for the holiday.

went shopping with my mom
helped her pick out her very first point and shoot digital camera
bought herself a new Christmas tree, too – her old fake tree fell apart last year
had a nice lunch together at Applebee’s
came home and worked a little bit
then got to work on our Christmas cards
those will be going out very soon
will post some pictures after they are sent

a nice dinner at Jake’s parents house
turkey, potatoes, stuffing, etc.
the kids played outside after dinner
sat outside and watched them
the sun was so bright and warm
it was a gorgeous day
splurged on a piece of delicious carrot cake made by my sis-in-law Heather (yummy yummy, Heather! I loved it, even if Jeff didn’t … or should I say Jett.) :)
came home and watched Survivor and Grey’s
made Jake watch The Lake House with me
then spent a long time discussing how
impossible the story actually was
but … it’s a movie, so ….

cleaning and getting ready to put up the tree
tried McDonald’s new specialty coffees today
Jake brought me home a Mocha
not good
no flavor at all
I’ll stick with Starbucks or State Grounds (local coffee shop here in Hastings that we love)

decorate the tree
watch a movie with the kids
work on Christmas cards
enjoy a clean house for once

Hope everyone is having an awesome Thanksgiving break!

early thanksgiving

Had a nice dinner at my parents house today. Here is a collage of pictures from the day. Click the image to see a larger version:

My brothers will probably kill me for putting their pictures up on the blog. They’re both still single and looking for someone really special, girls. ;)

We had two grumpy kids today. Chloe was really naughty in the morning before we left and Zach got in the line of fire when we were “having words” (aka yelling) at her. We hurt his feelings because he got yelled at and didn’t do anything wrong. It made him physically sick. He wouldn’t eat lunch and laid down all sad looking on the couch at my parents house. We thought he was coming down with something but later he told us that we hurt him. Just goes to show you how much your words can affect someone. It’s such a habit sometimes to yell at the kids and I do it sometimes without thinking about what I’m saying. Zach was having a bad morning anyway – woke up on the wrong side of the bed sort of thing – so it didn’t help that there was chaos going on in the house. Poor guy. So there is a picture of him looking all sad and another of Chloe sitting with Grandma looking all sad, too. I think she was just pretending so she could be like Zach. But she was kind of a grump today, too.

Other than that, it was a nice time. I played with my camera and decided I would do something different for once. I almost always have my 50mm or 85mm on the camera and I wanted to see what I could do with the kit lens that I got with the Rebel. It’s such a slow lens, but I worked it and got some fun shots. I usually have a lot of close shots, but I’ve been wanting to get more “environment” shots lately. I love the results I got today. Chloe dancing around my parents’ kitchen, sneaking a cupcake when she thought nobody was looking, the shot of her coloring with the guys in the background talking and playing at the table. I’m happy that I did this. It’s fun to change things up once in a while and challenge yourself. :)

If I don’t post again before Thursday, Happy Thanksgiving!!!!! What are you thankful for? What are your blessings in this life? Feel free to comment and share.

I’m so thankful for …

• my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, that he came to this earth and died on that cross.

• an amazing husband, who loves me more than anything. I was engaged once before Jake and I got together and God really protected me from a disastrous marriage that probably would’ve ended in divorce. I am so very thankful for that. Love you, Jake!

• my beautiful children and their incredible personalities and brilliant minds.

• a place to live. a home of our own. It’s not a mansion and we’ve really outgrown this place, but it’s more than some people have and I need to remember that.

• Jake losing his job. Yes, I am thankful for that. He was miserable there and I’m so thankful that God made a way for him to get out and pursue his writing by going back to school. Praise the Lord!

• family and friends.

• the internet. I’m really thankful for all the people I have met through this blog and my business blog. It’s amazing how we can live worlds apart and really connect. I love that.

Happy thanksgiving everyone! God Bless!

big dog

This huge stuffed dog was given to Zach by his Uncle Nick (Jake’s brother) when he turned 1. During the process of cleaning our porch, where the dog has lived all alone for many many months, we got him out and Chloe just loves him. She likes to sleep with him at night, which is quite funny because he’s pretty much bigger than she is. I snapped a few pictures of her the other day playing with him. Thought I’d share today.

Off to my parents house today for an early Thanksgiving dinner. Then it’s time to clean the house and get ready to put up the Christmas tree. I can’t believe the holidays are here already!

I was hoping to have all my wedding stuff done this week so I could take the entire month of December off and relax and enjoy. But it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen. I may just have to work a few long nights and finish things up. The joys of this job far outweigh the tedious parts, but they’re still tedious.

I’m taking my camera to dinner so hopefully I’ll have some pictures to share. Happy Sunday!

fun with photo booth

I love this feature of my Mac. :) Here are some more fun pictures I found on the computer this afternoon. I’m in a sharing mood. Can you tell?

looking back

Browsing through folders of pictures this morning that have been sitting on my computer untouched all year long. I have all these fun things I’d love to do with them – albums, mini books, prints hanging on my wall. I know I’ll get around to some projects sometime. It’s just sad to know I’ve got all these fun pictures of my kids just sitting on my hard drive not being viewed and enjoyed like they should be.

These are a few that I took of Chloe in January. She was wearing an outfit my mom got her for Christmas, playing with a slinky and posing for mama (kind of). She’s changed so much in the last year. It’s hard to believe she’s almost 4. This year has flown by and it makes me a little sad that I spent so much time on my work and so little time with my kids. :(

Some changes will be made for 2007. Family comes first!

stuck on a memory card no more

I finally loaded my memory card into the computer from over a week ago and found these. Zach loves Legos and always has to come show me his latest designs. He’s so good at just making random ships and vehicles. So proud of his creative mind. And Friday, he sat down with his library book and sounded out all the words and read the whole thing by himself. We were so proud. He’s getting really good at it.

And this picture of Chloe cracked me up. She has the strangest sense of style. :D Floral shirt, overalls, her fairy costume from Halloween, the little flower wreath that went with the costume, and that “necklace” she’s wearing is actually a skirt that goes to a Dora doll she has, I believe. Silly girl.

This weekend feels extremely long, which I guess should be a good thing. I kept thinking Saturday was Sunday and I needed to get all of Zach’s stuff ready for school on Monday. Jake said it feels like there was an extra 8 hours in our Saturday. Weird.

We have plans to clean the house this week. It’s crazy how many toys have accumulated and spread throughout every room of our house. So we need to sort and purge before Christmas rolls around and the house grows even smaller.

By the way, thank you guys for the comments on the whole crazy absent from school situation the other day. I’m fine about it now. But I appreciate all the emails and things that were shared.

Happy Sunday!

halloween fun

the kids had an absolute blast trick-or-treating with their cousins on Tuesday night. we went down Green St., the most popular place to go on Halloween. Jake grew up on Green St. and he said one year they counted over 700 kids that came by their house. It’s craziness.

I posted a few more pictures of sights on Green St. on my photo blog. CHECK THEM OUT HERE.

Going to sit down and look through old scrapbooks with Chloe now. I got out her baby book, which I started but never got past her 9th month. oops. But she loved it just the same and wants to look at more. I’m so excited and I hope she will grow up wanting to tell her stories, too.

p.s. it’s snowing here again. why, Lord, whyyyyyyyyyyyyy? :D

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