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weddings, scrapbooking, butt cracks & pink eye

My daughter is a crazy. And a little gross, too. She loves the Little Einstein videos we got her and has been watching them constantly and humming Beethoven tunes all around the house. Love hearing that. She’s always having little adventures with her toys and it’s so fun to hear her making them talk to each other. Such an imagination. So much like her daddy. :) On the gross side, she came to me today and asked me to smell her finger. Like some gullible idiot, I did. ewwwww! She immediately giggled and ran away. Of course, I told her it was disgusting to stick her finger in her butt crack and washed her up right away. I’d like to know why my cute, sweet, girly girl stuck her finger where the sun don’t shine. so gross.

The last two days, I’ve been working like a maniac and I finished up editing on another wedding. It feels so good when I get things done in a timely manner and, after being in such a funk for the past couple months, I feel a little bit renewed. Maybe it’s a really good meeting I had the other day with one of my couples whose wedding is next month. Maybe it’s the calls I’m getting for weddings for next year. I think it might be mostly because I am almost done with this wedding season and I will be able to breathe a sigh of relief that I survived and came out of it with some amazing pictures.

In scrapbook news, Heather has some fun new stuff on her site right now. The latest newsletter just came out. Sign up on her site if you want to receive it. It looks awesome! Here are a couple pages I made using her latest kit – Everyday Joys!

P.S. Zach’s pink eye cleared up pretty quickly. Chloe ended up getting it a little bit, too, but it’s already pretty much gone. Now Jake thinks he’s getting it. His eyes are itchy and the right one is looking a tad bit pink. I just hope I don’t get it, too. ugh.

Happy weekend, all!

home from school

Zach woke up this morning with a swollen left eye, all bloodshot and looking pink. I don’t know what pink eye looks like, but I’m pretty sure he’s got it. We kept him home from school hoping to get him in at the Dr’s office today. Couldn’t get an appt. until 6:30 tonight.

The bad thing about Jake not having a job is that our health insurance ended as of Sept 1st. We signed the kids up for MIChild/Healthy Kids insurance, but are still waiting for it to go through and be official. In the meantime, we have to pay for it ourselves. So, who knows how much it will be for the Dr. to take one look at his eye and say whether or not it’s pink eye. I’m sure the worst part will be any medication we need to get for him. ugh.

It’s such a bummer keeping him home from school only one week into school. I hate that. He was just getting used to going and now he’ll probably be home for the rest of the week if it is pink eye. It’s so weird how things happen and the timing of it all.

Also wanted to share a couple pages I did this week.

This was for Robin’s challenge at Heather Ann Designs.

I did something a little different for me with this one, working with doodles and not in straight lines like I usually do.

journaling on this page reads:
kind of like our life. going round and round. not quite sure when it will slow down. just hanging on for dear life. hoping and PRAYing. GOD’s got something amazing in store for us.

have a happy day.


this is my layout from shortly after 9.11.01

click to see it a little bigger

click the bottom half of this image to read my journaling

Journaling (in case you can’t read it from the picture):
On the morning of September 11, I turned on the TV to watch the Today Show as I do every morning. What I saw filled me with shock and disbelief. Planes crashing, buildings burning, people jumping from the windows 100+ stories up. It was reported that 2 hijacked plans had been flown into the World Trade Center towers. And I sat and watched as 2 more planes went down – one into the Pentagon & one into a field in Pennsylvania (It was later discovered that some passengers rushed the terrorists & took it down. It was headed to D.C.). All the passengers aboard the flights perished. Then, the towers crumbled from the intense heat, killing most left in the buildings, many of the rescue workers & sending a wall of smoke through the streets of New York. I sat & cried & watched Zach, oblivious to it all, wishing I was a kid again, too.

(sorry about the reflections on the pictures. I took these with my camera instead of getting out the scanner. )

much better

Yesterday’s wedding in a word … PERFECT!!!

After last weekend, I was feeling a little down and discouraged. I hated the way that woman made me feel and how she ruined the whole experience for me and I just didn’t want to deal with that again.

Yesterday morning, I prayed that this wedding would go well and be a pleasant experience for us. Well, my prayers were answered. This was such a relaxed, fun evening. I met the bride & groom last fall and we got along well right away. They were so nice and I was immediately looking forward to their wedding. Jenny is such a pretty girl with this really sweet personality and Jim is the kind of guy that when you first meet him you can easily talk with him and feel like you’ve known him forever.

Besides the evening going really well, the whole setting was beautiful. A cute little B&B in Saugatuck, a tent in the backyard decorated with tons and tons of candles and flowers. It was just gorgeous and it was a big blessing to be a part of. :)

I put a few more pics on my photo blog, too, if you want to check them out HERE!

Just had to share! Hope everyone is having a great weekend. I’m off to get groceries today. fun. fun. fun. woohoo!

back to school

I’m completely flustered today.

This getting up at 7 every morning to take Zach to school is already getting to me. And with Jake going back to school, his class schedule is all crazy so that’s throwing me off, too. I’m sure we will soon have some sort of a routine to our weeks. It’s going to be an adjustment, that’s for sure. I am looking forward to the day when we live closer to Zach’s school. No more 20 minute drive every morning.

I was surprised at how well Zach did yesterday when we dropped him off for his first day of school. Last year, he was clinging and didn’t want us to leave. This year, he went right into his class. I think it helped that he had a little girl in his class who he knew from last year. They immediately found each other and sat together. So cute.

I made cupcakes for Zach’s class yesterday since it was his birthday. I think he felt really special because he told the teacher about it right away when we got there. Zach and Trinity (his little girl friend) even walked to the office together to take the principal and secretary a cupcake. :)

This morning when I dropped him off, he started clinging to me for some reason. I had Chloe with me, too, and she is in her terrible 3’s right now. :P So she was making a fuss and all I had to say to Zach was “Go sit with Trinity” and he went right in. She just happened to be standing in the doorway of the classroom. I think she might have been waiting for him, too. ;)

labor day family reunion

I’m so tired after this long weekend.

Saturday, we headed to Clarkston for a wedding at the Pine Knob mansion. The place was gorgeous and just a beautiful setting for a wedding, the woman who was the coordinator there was less than kind to us. The building is quite small and they had about 150 guests all crammed into the dining area. I was standing just inside the door to the dining room trying to stay out of the way while the catering staff moved about with the food and this woman approached me and said she needed me to move out of the doorway. I told her there really wasn’t any other place to stand where I wouldn’t be in the way and she said, “I know. We need you to wait in the library until dinner is over.” I was totally shocked. My job is to document the day, that’s what I’m paid to do, and because of this woman I wasn’t able to get pictures during dinner of their friends and family singing silly love songs to get them to kiss and those kinds of things. The fun moments that I’m sure they would’ve liked pictures of. I went outside and tried to take some pictures through the window where they were sitting but really couldn’t get much from there. I felt just awful, totally sick to my stomach. I’ve been doing this for a while now and I’ve NEVER had someone kick me out during a wedding. I feel like vendors and wedding sites should treat each other with respect and help each other out. We’re there to do a job for the couple. Photographers get such a raw deal sometimes and I don’t really understand why. Especially my type of photography, which is very unobtrusive. I don’t get in the way, I blend in. If I owned a place like that, I would want my staff to treat everyone who came through the door to work a wedding so awesome so they would spread the word about a really cool place to get married. I don’t feel like ever referring Pine Knob to anyone even though it was a beautiful setting. It just saddened me that one woman could really ruin a wedding for a couple. She was all over the DJ to move her equipment, too, and actually threatened her saying that she would never work there again. We are there to do a job that we were paid to do. Doesn’t this woman get that? OK … enough venting!

Sunday, after not getting home until 1 am, I got up and drove to Ohio for our annual Rothhaar family reunion (my Dad’s family). It was fun. There were wagon rides and lots of bubbles for blowing The kids had a blast.

Later in the afternoon, some of us piled into a couple vehicles and went to see my Uncle David and “Aunt” Suzanne’s new farm. (I say “Aunt” because she’s only like a year older than me.) It’s really cool with a nice little ranch style house, an old two story house that will be used as a workshop and a studio space for Suzanne to do painting and things like that, they have a couple big barns and some sheds. It seems like a really peaceful place to settle down. We went walking around a bit, back the little lane to the fruit trees, picked some pears.

Then came the looooong drive home. Oh my word … it seemed we would never get here. I was so tired. We ended up finding a Starbucks at about 9:30 and that helped us make it the rest of the way.

Monday, we gave Zach all his birthday presents since he will be at school all day tomorrow. He got lots of Lego sets and a Cars the movie game for PS2. He’s such a cool little guy. I love my boy. Happy Birthday, bud.

Today will be his first day of 1st grade. So exciting. Can’t believe school is starting again already. We’re taking cupcakes to school for all his classmates for his birthday. He’s so excited about that and helped me decorate them. :)

Have a great week!


Last weekend was our 11 year wedding anniversary. It’s hard to believe that much time has passed. I’m so thankful that I married Jake – nobody else would’ve put up with me! :)

When I started booking weddings for this year, I purposely left our anniversary weekend open so we could do something special. Last year, we went up to Mackinac Island, which was so much fun. This year, we decided to stay closer to home and hang out downtown Grand Rapids.

So on Friday, we dropped the kiddies off with my mom and headed up to GR for lunch at the Olive Garden. deeeelicious! Then, I actually dragged Jake to see the movie Step Up, which was so much fun. Jake was mildly entertained. The dancing is so fun. I wish I could dance.

We then headed downtown to check in to the Amway Grand, which is where we spent our wedding night before we left on our honeymoon. I thought it would be romantic. It was fun to just hang out, eat, walk, be together. I liked it.

We got all checked in to our room and then went walking around the old part of the hotel, the Pantlind, which was the original before they added the big glass tower when it became the Amway Grand. I love that section of the hotel with it’s gorgeous chandeliers. It’s just beautiful.

After wandering around the hotel, we decided to take a walk. We headed across the river to the VanAndel museum and decided to go in. It was pretty cool. My favorite part was riding the carousel. It’s been a long time since I’ve been on one and it made me really dizzy ’cause I was trying to take pictures while we went round and round. I’m actually shooting a wedding there next Spring, which will be really fun. Another cool thing there is this room they have all decorated up with a castle and knights and things for kids birthdays. We may just have to rent it out next year for Zach’s birthday. That would be so cool.

After the museum, we had dinner at one of the restaurants in the hotel called Bentham’s (i think) and then headed across the hotel to the Pantlind section again where they have a Starbucks in the hotel. Gotta love that! We got something to drink and sat outside on the sidewalk and people watched. It felt so good to just sit and talk and do nothing much. I loved it.

At that point, the sun was starting to set so we headed across the river again and took some pictures outside the Gerald Ford museum. It was a nice night.

We rented a movie in our room – The Breakup. Jake asked if we should really watch a movie with that title on our anniversary. haha! We ate sugary snacks and drank sugary pop and vegged. We’re such an old married couple.

It was a really great anniversary. :) Love you, Jake!

I’ve been meaning to post all week, but I am working on wedding pictures, as usual. I’m so tired of staring at my computer, which is probably why I’ve been avoiding the blog. Only 7 weddings left this season and then … hopefully … I will get a break for a while and can regroup and refocus on myself and my family for a while. At least until next season anyway. :)

My baby boy will be 6 on Tuesday the 5th. 6 years ago, I went into labor on Labor Day and had my first baby, Zach, the following evening. Can’t believe he’s going to be 6. And starting the 1st grade on his birthday, too. We went to the school today and met his new teacher. She’s so nice and energetic. I prayed God would place Zach in a great class this year and I think it’s going to be really good. He also has a little girl in his class who was in his class last year so it will be nice for him to see a familiar face.

Have a fun and safe Labor Day weekend!!!

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