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long time no write

So … since I last wrote, I turned 33. I really don’t feel any different, of course. But I like this age. I like my 30’s. Jen and I discussed this on our way up north for our camping trip last weekend. We decided to stick with a place we love and head up to the U.P. again this year. So we went back to Tahquamenon Falls and camped instead of getting a hotel (much cheaper and more fun!). Among our many sight seeing adventures, we visited the Cross in the Woods. We saw a sign for this last year and when we saw it again, we had to stop! We were actually really moved by it. Standing there at the foot of the cross, looking up at Jesus, his gaze down at us. Jen got quite emotional and said she had never quite put herself in that place before, never thought of what it would have been like to stand in that very spot while Jesus was dying. We kind of went just for fun to see what it was, but we were both really glad we stopped.

Camping was the most fun! We brought along chicken and veggies and cooked our food over the open fire. It was delicious. Jen was the fire queen. She totally got the fire going and kept it going every night. She rocks!

Saturday, we spent the day in Munising checking out the waterfalls and took the sunset cruise to see the Pictured Rocks. Lake Superior is so beautiful – the water is so clear. It’s the biggest of the Great Lakes and the cleanest. :)

On Sunday, we got up and made a fire and had some coffee (me) and tea (her), I played a few choruses on my guitar and we had our own little church service. :) We went to the falls after packing up our campsite and relaxed for a while and then headed home.

It was a great birthday weekend!

This week, I feel like such a slacker not posting on my blog. I’ve been getting caught up on wedding work, emails, etc. I just posted a slideshow on my photo blog for this wonderful couple whose wedding I shot on the 15th. I just have to say that I have the best clients in the whole world. I got a voicemail last night from them. They just had to call me as soon as they saw the slideshow and tell me how much they loved it. I almost started crying they were so sweet. Even though I’m completely exhausted right now and ready for wedding season to be over, I am thankful that I get to meet such awesome people along the way. That’s the true blessing.

So … I will TRY to be better about my blog and check in more often. Not promising anything. I’ve got a wedding this evening – a small intimate gathering – and a big wedding tomorrow, so I will be busy this week. :)

Have a great weekend, everyone!
Love you all!

some more pics from the weekend:

[ me on the path to Munising Falls ]

[ lake superior ]

[ sunset at Tahquamenon Falls – so beautiful ]

a moment of clarity

Just got home from a wedding tonight and wanted to share before I veg out and watch some Laguna Beach (rented season 1 from netflix).

This wedding was just so beautiful. It was at the Grand Rapids Art Museum downtown. Loved it! Pictures will be coming soon on my photo blog.

But anyway, what I wanted to share was …

Over the last week, mostly since I got sick, I’ve been feeling very burned out. I mean, I know this job I have is a huge blessing, but in the thick of things I just felt really really tired. My attitude this morning was “I just want to get this over with so I can go camping next weekend”. This is not a good attitude to have going into a wedding, the most important day of a couples’ life. I was, however, excited to meet Brandi & Drew (they hired me without even meeting me) and check out the art museum. Brandi was, as I thought she would be, just the sweetest thing and Drew was so nice and such a gentleman. I went about my business, doing my job like I usually do. I get almost on autopilot sometimes since I’ve done it so many times. But something happened in the middle of the ceremony …

I was crouched down about halfway up the aisle to get a closer shot, the Pastor was speaking about love and Brandi & Drew’s relationship and all these really wonderful things about God’s love. I suddenly felt really emotional and my eyes started welling up with tears. It was one of those moments when you realize exactly where you are and what you are doing. I realized I was there in the middle of this beautiful museum gallery, kneeling down in the middle of a wedding ceremony, surrounded by all of their friends and family while they spoke their vows to each other. I’m not really sure why I was so overwhelmed with emotion. I just felt extremely grateful in that moment and so honored and blessed. God has allowed me to be a huge part of the beginning of so many couples’ lives together. I guess I felt the enormity of what I was doing in that moment and it felt really good, really special. I am so thankful.

So I went there feeling one way and left with a whole different attitude. So thankful and happy to call myself a photographer!

The museum was featuring the work of Ansel Adams, too. How perfect is that? :)

catchin’ up

the 4th of July holiday threw me off a bit
catching up on work this week
another wedding this weekend
then camping up north at Tahquamenon Falls for my birthday
and Pictured Rocks in Munising
So excited!

< ----- loved my time with the girls!
hangin’ with mom, aunt, cousin and other cousin’s girlfriend
outlet malls
scrapbook store
Frankenmuth and Birch Run
laughing and having fun
saw “Click” (good movie – laughed, cried and laughed again!)
don’t ya’ love my big red wax lips
a gift from my aunt :)
a fun, crazy two days being silly girls
felt very good!

can’t wait for the next trip together!

back to work now.

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