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This is what Jake is pretty much feeling today. No more job he hates. He is officially without job. It’s a strange feeling. Not sure what the future holds. But we know it’s going to be something great!!! :) We greatly appreciate your continued prayers!

Can’t believe tomorrow it will be June. Only 3.5 days left of Zach’s kindergarten year. It’s so weird. Feels like he just began. Time really does fly. It’s not just something people say. ;)

I’m ready for some changes. I feel like great things are coming. It’s about time! God is good.

here’s my tooth, mom

That’s how this morning started. Zach has had a loose tooth for a few days now and he came to me this morning and said he pulled it out in one pull. I think it was really really loose but he was afraid to mess with it so we just let him take his time. So cool. He did it all on his own. So proud of my boy. Looks like the tooth fairy will be visiting our house tonight. :)

kid stuff

Zach had Special Persons Day at school today. He asked Grandma (my mom) to come with him. It was from 9:30 – 11 so I haven’t heard how it went yet. I’m sure they had lots of fun together. He was so excited about it. It’s so cute when he gets happy about something. His face just lights up and he always cheers “Yay!” So adorable.

On Tuesday, he brought me this Mother’s Day card.

so cute! love my boy!!!!

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