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get Lucky tonight

Must sleep now, but here is a layout I did tonight using Heather’s new free Lucky kit. :)

the week in review

This week went by so fast and I just realized that I didn’t blog once.  Crazy.

Monday was so nice.  Kelle and I had lunch at TGIFriday’s.  Grilled chicken caesar salad – yum!  A little shopping at the Nordstrom Rack store – her favorite!  :)  Then we went to Starbucks (surprise! surprise!) to get some coffee and wait for our movie to start.  We saw "Failure to Launch".  So funny!  We laughed out loud together!  It felt great!  Plus, who wouldn’t enjoy staring at Matthew McConaughey and Bradley Cooper for 2 hours.  yum again!  :)  It was a fun time and I’m so thankful for Kelle.  She’s one of my oldest friends.  I was going into 8th grade when she and her family moved to Michigan.  Here is an older layout I did about our friendship.  :)

Click to see larger

Tuesday and Wednesday feel like a bit of a blur.

Thursday evening, had a meeting with two of my brides.  Best friends who are getting married this year – one in May and one in August.  I’m shooting both of their weddings and I’m so excited about it.  Especially after meeting them.  They are both so nice and I loved hearing about their friendship and their wedding plans and how they got together with their fiancés.  It was such a good time.  So thankful that God is bringing all these new people into my life.

During the meeting, my lap vibrated.  It was Beth calling, but I didn’t want to be rude and answer it so I hit ignore.  When the meeting was over and I got into my car, I turned the phone off of vibrate and it rang.  It was Jake telling me that Beth’s evening flight had been canceled due to the nasty snow we were getting.  She wanted to know if she could stay with us and have me take her to the airport for her flight the next day.  Did she really even need to ask?  :)  So she spent the night and we stayed up talking and watching "How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days". LOVE that movie.  I’m on a real Matthew McConaughey kick lately.  (Made me think of the first movie I ever saw him in – "A Time to Kill".  That movie was so good.  He was hot in it, of course.  The final court scene in that movie has always stuck with me.  If you haven’t seen it, check it out.  It’s a good one!)

Had an overall good day Friday.  Lots of good stuff going on.  Just a blessing of a day!  Took Zach to school, got a call from my mom on the way home with some very positive news that I will share as things progress, came home to find my living room completely picked up and vacuumed (thank you Beth!!!!!!!!), Beth washed all my dishes (piles and piles stacked up from before Florida) and I dried and put them all away (she said she was feeling in a nesting mood and she wanted to do something special for me and surprise me – so sweet! love you, my friend!).  Took her to the airport, went to my mom’s and hung out until we had to pick Zach up from school.

Went downtown Hastings to this cute new store – Hastings Bridal and Formal.  Hastings really hasn’t had many stores devoted to wedding, but lately it seems that things are popping up here and there.  This new store, a new banquet facility, another new restaurant right downtown in a historic old building that will have a really cool banquet room upstairs.  Looking forward to seeing all of these new places thrive and get the wedding business booming around here!

The owners of the new shop are so nice.  A mother daughter team.  They showed me around and we talked about how we both got into the wedding business.  It was so nice to meet them and the daughter lives only blocks away from me.  Such a small world!  I was so flattered when they contacted me and said they wanted to meet.  Jen (the daughter) was looking for a local photographer who wanted to display their photos throughout their store and she said she just loved my pictures and it was definitely the style she wanted their store to portray.  So, I brought along some proof sheets of pictures and we picked some out.  I will be the only photographer featured throughout the store, which is so awesome!  And they will give out my business cards and brochures (along with other local businesses) in a little info packet they are making up for brides who visit them.  So cool.  It’s amazing the way God works and brings things my way.  I’m really excited to get some prints made and see my work hanging on the wall.  So fun!!!  I will probably go in and take some pictures in their store when they get the displays finished and I will share them here, of course.  I’m so excited!!!

Jake and I sat and watched "Just Friends" last night.  Ryan Reynolds is so hilarious.  A funny movie!  The special features on the DVD were fun to watch, too.  Gag reel, deleted scenes, behind the scenes stuff.  Fun!

So … that’s been my week.  Crazy busy, but really good.

Need to get some breakfast now and wake up a bit (the kids get up way too early on the weekend – ugh!).  Then I hope to have some time to scrap and play with Heather’s new free kit – Lucky!

Have a wonderful day!

lazy sunday

Another really nice day. lovin’ it. church was good. guest speaker today – interesting guy. used an illustration about lollipops to describe sanctification.  Jake passed me a note that said, "Did he just call Christians suckers?"   ;)

Been reading the new idea books.  Inspired to scrap today.  Did a couple digital pages.  The second one was totally lifted from a page Tara Whitney did in designing scrapbooks 2.  Loved her simple page – "Mom".  Mine is pretty much identical to hers, except for the different papers used and mine was made digitally then I printed it and wrote my journaling block using a black fine tip Slick Writer.  LOVE those pens.  They will write on anything and dry in a second … literally!


Rented Grey’s Anatomy: Season 1 through Netflix.  Sat down and watched the first five episodes last night and I’m about to watch the next four.  It’s pretty good.  Everyone’s been talking about it so much and raving about it, so I thought I better check it out.

So excited, I get to spend the afternoon with my friend Kelle tomorrow.  She’s up from Louisville visiting family and we’re gonna do lunch.  :)  So looking forward to it.  My mom is keeping the kids for a few hours for me.  She’s such a wonderful grandma.

OK … off to veg.

more FL

A few more pics from the first couple days of our trip.  We came through Ocala first and the horse ranches there are just beautiful.  This one (top pic) was huge and so gorgeous.  It was called Padua.  I had to look it up when I came home and found their website.  Beth also told me that John Travolta lives in Ocala and I had to look that up when I got home, too.  I found a picture online of his house with the runway for his planes and he can "park" them in their own little garages on either side of the house.  Crazy.  Here’s a site that has the picture of it.  Learn somethin’ new everyday!

We went to visit Beth’s aunt in the old folks home where she lives.  All she wants to do is stay in her bed all day, which is quite sad.  But we were able to get her up and in a wheelchair and we took her for a walk around the park.  It was a beautiful day and she seemed to be cheered up by our little outing.  We brought her cookies and she gobbled them all up.  In the picture above, she actually had chocolate chip cookie crumbs all around her mouth.  Kind of like a little kid again.  It’s sad when someone you love can’t quite take care of themself like they used to.  But she sure did love the cookies and we got a little smile out of her and that’s what’s important.  :)  Like the "Don’t Feed the Alligators" sign?  I was cracking up when I saw that.

On Sunday, we visited the church Beth attended when she was living in Ocala.  It was great.  The people were so loving and friendly.  I felt right at home.  We visited a few of her friends in the area that day, she kind of said her goodbyes to them.  She made some really close connections with people for only having lived there for a short time.  But that’s how Beth is.  She’s easy to love.

Monday was our beach day and I already posted a few of those pictures yesterday.  I did make this little collage for Beth of her walking on the beach.  There is this spot where the beach curves and she said when she was younger she always wanted someone to propose to her there.  So I drew a heart in the sand with "Love" inside it and had her walk down the beach and I did a little Tara Whitney inspired photo.  :)  Here is the collage I made for her.  It’s coming in the mail this week all blown up to 10×20.  I think she’ll like it.  Click on it to see a bigger version.  :)

Headed for home on Tuesday.  Drove straight through.  I really don’t mind the long drive as long as there is more than one person to swap the driving with, but she didn’t feel well so I ended up driving for many hours.  I had to stop several times so I wouldn’t fall asleep.  Thank God for a Starbucks just outside Indianapolis.  Speaking of Starbucks, we visited lots of them all the way down and we were so silly that we looked up all the major cities for our trip home to see if there was a Starbucks close to the highway, which there usually was.

It was really nice to get away.  I needed it.  I was so sick of winter and the cold nasty weather and to be in Florida and soak up some sun and be able to take walks outside again was so awesome!  I’m so thankful that Jake worked it all out and made this happen for me.  He ended up getting sick while I was gone so the days that my mom took the kids so he could do stuff he wanted to do ended up being recuperation days.  Poor guy!  I called him every night to tell him about my day and he sounded just awful – terrible cold.  I felt so bad.  I told him I would bring some of the nice weather back with me and it seems to have worked because today was really nice.  I didn’t have to wear a jacket and that was so great.

Went to GR today to buy some jeans.  Didn’t end up getting any – didn’t like the fit of any – but I did get some really cute shirts from JCPenney for the warm weather.  Then I went to B&N and got Jake a couple books and picked up the new BHG Scrapbooks etc. Design Secrets and Simple Scrapbooks Designing Scrapbooks 2.  So I’m going to spend the evening looking through those and no doubt being inspired over and over again by all the talent.  Puts me in the scrapbooking mood.

I was thinking a bit about scrapbooking while I was away.  I think I’ve lost sight of the reason why I started scrapbooking.  Lately, my pages are simple with not a lot of story to them and that’s fine some of the time, but I used to do a lot more journaling when I first started.  I think I’ve just gotten lazy.  So, I’m going to really try to journal more and remember that I’m doing this for my kids so they will have some documentation of their childhood and so they will get to know a little more about me through my writing.  Gotta keep the right focus.  Just something I was pondering while lying on the beach.  :)

I will leave you with a few photos from our beach day Monday.  We crossed the Skyway at sunset, which was really cool.

By the way … I’m really happy to be home.  I think it’s essential to get away once in a while.  Makes you appreciate what you’ve got.  :)

i’m back

I’ve actually been back since Wednesday morning, but it’s taken me a couple days to recuperate from the 21 hr. drive and get caught up on work around here.  So, I’m finally taking a few minutes to post today.  And what would a post about Florida be without some pictures …

These were taken on Monday afternoon at Bradenton Beach.  Nice place.  Not a ton of people.  Soft white sand.  Gorgeous aqua blue water.  Only got one day at the beach and it was a perfect one.  Totally sunny all day.  Got me a sunburn, which has since browned down.  It feels nice to have a little color and not be white as a ghost anymore. :)

The trip down was long.  Starbucks kept us alert for those final 6 hrs. before we reached Beth’s parents’ home in Zephyrhills.  And I must say that Zephyrhills has the WORST drivers I have ever seen.  And I’m not talking about the older retired people, I’m talking young people here.  They pull out in front of you when there really isn’t room for them to pull out, they drive way too fast.  It was really frightening.  I called Jake and told him I would try to never criticize his driving again.

I have more to share, but right now my tummy is rumbling and my chicken soft taco is waiting for me.  Later …

until next time

Only a few hours and we will be on the road to Florida.  :)  Just in time, too.  We got snow and freezing rain last night.  Yuck!  I’m so looking forward to mostly sunny and 74 degrees.  That’s what the forecast says anyway.  :)

School was cancelled today so I am getting a little extra Zach time before we leave.  I’m happy about that.  Jake has fun stuff planned for while I’m gone.  The kids each get to spend a night with his Mom.  She has plans to take Zach to see a movie tomorrow.  He’ll love that.  My mom is keeping both the kids for Jake on Sunday night so he can have some quiet time and get a little break.

Jake is so great.  He took some of his vacation days so I could go on this trip.  Instead of taking those days and going somewhere or doing something he wants to do, he is using them to stay home with the kids so I can get a break.  How cool is that?  I’m so blessed to have such a wonderful husband.  God knew just the right man for me.  Love you, Jake!!!!!

Besides the family, I will miss my computer while I’m gone.  It’s my connection – friends, scrapbooking, blogs, my business.  It will be strange not to check my messages every morning.  If anyone emails me, they will receive one of those automated "Kris is out of town" messages.  I’ve never had to do one of those before.  Weird that I won’t be answering my emails right away.  I’m usually pretty speedy at returning my messages.  But I just need to put that out of my mind and enjoy the trip and take lots of pictures and have girl time and remember that it will all be here when I return.

If you think of it, say a prayer for us for safe travels and a good trip all around.  We might even get to stop and see Kelle on the way back.  I miss her.  She and I have been friends since jr. high.  She is one of my closest friends in the world despite the distance.  She lived in Alaska for several years and only recently moved to Louisville, KY.  So, we may try to work out a breakfast or lunch with her on our way home.  Praying that the timing works out for that.

Gotta go finish packing.  Yes, I am a procrastinator.  :)

I’ll be back in a week to share our adventure with you.

Have a happy week!!!!!!

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