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scrapbooking and family pictures

Today, we went to Heidi’s and had a few family pictures taken for something that I will share with you all very soon.  :)  The kids were less than cooperative.  No Dairy Queen for them.  We did get a couple nice ones.  Below are a couple of scrapbook pages that I put together digitally.  The second page is made with one of the pictures taken today.  I love it.  Such a big boy and us looking on in the background.  So sweet.


both pages made using Heather Ann Designs new Joyful kit.  Fun and bright.

happy valentines day!

Hope everyone had a special day!  Spent some time at my parents house today.  I do the bookkeeping for their business and needed to get stuff caught up so they can go see the accountant to do the taxes.  Then, Chloe stayed to play with Grandma for a while and I went to a meeting.  This was the second meeting I’ve had in the past two days for wedding photography.  Both couples have really unique visions for their weddings.  Not just the traditional stuff, which I think is very cool.   One couple has booked a museum as their reception location with a carousel inside.  That would make for some awesome pictures!  So, I’m hoping that they hire me.  She was so nice and we got along really well.  I’m actually expecting to get quite a few calls and emails in the coming weeks from couples who got engaged on Valentines Day!  :)  How romantic.  Love is in the air!  :)

We didn’t do anything spectacular tonight.  Just ordered out from Applebee’s for us and got kids meals from Burger King for the kids.  It was nice, though.  Jake and I are going to sit and watch a movie together tonight – "Must Love Dogs".  :)

And to wrap up my post for this evening, I thought I would share a couple layouts from Heather’s new "True Love" kit.  :)  Love the colors.  They look great with black and whites!  Click the images to see bigger versions of the pages.


Happy Valentines Day everyone!

the party

Chloe’s party was lots of fun!  We had all of our parents there and two of Jake’s sisters and their kids.  Chloe seemed to love being the center of attention.  We all sang "Happy Birthday" to her and she blew out her candles. (I didn’t have a chance to decorate up the cake very much.  I punched 3 circles from the patterned paper that I used for her invites and the candy bags, then punched a hole in the center of each, laid them on the top of the cake and stuck one candle in the center of each circle.  Looked cute.  It’s in the upper left corner picture below.  Kind of a small picture but you can see what I did.)   Enjoyed some cake, cupcakes and ice cream.  The kids had Skittles in the little treat bags I made for them.  Then Chloe opened her gifts.  I think she got every possible Littlest Pet Shop toy known to man.  OK, maybe not, but she got a lot of them.  And the funniest thing was that we really didn’t tell anyone specifically which ones she already had, just that she liked them.  Several people got her those toys and she didn’t get a single duplicate so that was quite impressive.  Those toys are so cute with their little bobble heads.  It’s the closest thing my kids will ever get to having a pet until they grow up and decide to get one when they’re living on their own.  (I’m just not a pet person, which annoys Jake because he grew up with dogs so he really wants one.  Sorry, babe!)

The one gift that Jake’s sisters were most proud of was the little kid drum set that Chloe got.  Jake’s sisters are always trying to get back at him for the gifts he used to give their kids when they were little – the noisiest things he could find.  So they were cracking up over this gift that Missy and family got for Chloe.  She loved it, though.  She’s got rhythm!  I said I’ll just have to play my guitar and she can play drum.  I think they are scheming next to get Zach a bass and Chloe a microphone.  We’ll start our own little group like the Osmonds with our little family touring around town singing "Side by side".

I think my favorite moment of the day was when Chloe laid down next to her many boxes of toys and said, "I’m a present, too."  So cute.  And she was so tired so she just laid there by the gifts for a couple minutes and I snapped a picture of her (see below).  There’s a girl who enjoyed her party!  It was a good day!

Here are some pics:

chuck e

family. pizza. games. a giant singing rat. what more could you want?

This was the night for our family tradition, Chuck E Cheese for birthdays. Chloe is so much different than Zach. He was always so scared to try things (gets that from me). She is pretty much fearless. My mom took her to play. She turned her back for a few seconds and Chloe was gone. She couldn’t find her anywhere. I went to help look, knowing that she couldn’t have gone far. Sure enough … I hear this little voice inside the maze of tubes that lead to the big slide calling out, “Grandma! Grandma! Where are you, Grandma?” I called up into the slide for her to come down but she wasn’t that brave. She found here way to the entrance and cried because she couldn’t get down. We talked her through it and all was well. She got a little talk about taking off without mommy and daddy or grandma. She wanted to go go go. And she just loved the mechanical Chuck E. Each time the show started she would climb up next to him and watch and smile. So cute. The guys thought Chuck E looked kind of creepy peeking out from behind the curtain at us (see above picture). :) It was a fun night.

Tomorrow night, the kids are going to play with their cousins for a bit and Jake & I are going out to dinner together. I’m really looking forward to a few hours of quiet. And the kids just love Lexie and Austyn so it will be a fun night for all of us.

me today

Taking pictures of yourself is really hard.  Not just because you hold the camera out in front of your face and try to stay steady, but because once you actually look at the pictures you’ve taken … I mean really look … you see yourself.  The good and the bad.

I took pictures of myself today. This is what I look like.  The good and bad.  It’s difficult.  I see the things I don’t like, my imperfections, my insecurities.  Obviously these photos are close up.  Closer than most people will ever get to me, which makes me feel better.  ;)  But I’m glad I took them.  It’s who I am right now. 

These are a couple from the bunch that I liked.  Also put a new picture in the sidebar to the left.

the weekend

Very tiring weekend.  I’m still sick.  Not as bad as I was, but enough to still make me feel drained.

Saturday, Heidi and I left for Crystal Mountain Resort in Thompsonville for a wedding.  Got there in about 3 hours.  Such a cool place.  I’m not a skier but watching the people come down the slopes really made me want to try it.  Here are a few pictures.  The ceremony and reception were held at the Crystal Center.  Here are a few shots of the view from the room where the ceremony took place and one of the Crystal Center all lit up at night.

The drive up was no big deal.  The roads were a bit wet from rain.  We got there early and had plenty of time to wander around and take pictures like the ones above.  The drive home was a different story.  About an hour or so before the wedding, it started to snow and it never stopped.  The 3 hour drive home turned into 4.5 hrs driving a lot of the time no faster than 35mph.  We were so tired when we finally arrived safely at my house at 1:15am.  Then Heidi had to drive another 15-20 minutes to her house.  :(  It was a very long day!

Kind of funny story.  As I was taking the picture above of the building at night, these two very obviously drunk men approached us exclaiming that they were posing for a picture.  Then they stood and stared at Heidi and told her how pretty she was and how they were in love.  We rolled our eyes and headed for the car and since our car was in their direction they said some more annoying and very loud comments about how we had changed our minds and were coming their way.  Whatever!  Stop drinking, guys!  And they were about the get in their car and drive away.  Can I just say … DON’T DRINK AND DRIVE!  We got a good laugh out of it anyway.  Crazy drunks!

Today, I’ve been battling my cold.  Jake let me sleep in until almost noon.  :)  And we pretty much lazed around all day.  Did a little laundry.  Watched the Superbowl.  Now it’s bedtime.

edited to add:  check out the cake from the wedding!  Yum!  So delicious!

lack of posts

sick … sick … sick

Zach has passed his nasty cough/sore throat/runny nose on to his mama, which totally sucks.  Not just because I am miserable, but because I have today and tomorrow to get better as I have a wedding to shoot on Saturday.  I knew this would happen to me at some point.  I will just have to suck it up, take lots of Kleenex and cough drops and DayQuil or something, and go do my job.  Just planning on resting a lot the next couple days and praying that I will feel more energized on Saturday morning.

And we also discovered yesterday after taking Z to the Dr. that he has bad infections in both ears so he’s on lots of medication, which seems to be helping because he seems a little more himself today. 

I’ll just be so happy when all the sickness is gone!  It’s hard to function when your head is pounding and your nose is dripping all over your face.  That’s a nice visual for ya’, huh?

Played around with a little digital scrapbooking and thought I’d share a couple of the pages I made.  Used the new Sweet Romance kit from Heather Ann Designs:)  Click the images to see a larger view.

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