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november 30th

These are some pictures from August when we visited Cherish in Traverse City and threw her a little baby shower. It’s always so fun when we get together.

There are a lot of things that I love about my mom, but one of them is the fact that she gets along so well with all of my friends. She is like a mom to them, too. It’s always been that way. She always made everyone feel welcome in our home, like they were part of the family. I hope I can be the same sort of a mom to my kids’ friends.

Love you, Mom. I hope you have a very special day today. :)

the tree is up

The kids loved decorating the tree today. They took turns handing daddy the branches for our artificial tree. And it was funny when they were done hanging the ornaments because they were all in one small area of the tree all bunched together. I had to rearrange them, of course, but they just loved being a part of it.

Last night, we watched “The Polar Express”. We all loved it. Zach was amazed. During one scene, the kids hop on a conveyor belt and go down this huge slide that drops them on top of Santa’s bag of toys. While they were sliding around and around, Zach looked at me with this look of amazement and said, “Wow! I’ve never seen anything like that before.” I had to smile at that. The excitement and wonder in a child’s eyes. It just warmed my heart. :)


Wow! Another post from me. It’s been a while since I posted more than once in a day. Probably has to do with the fact that we stayed home all day and I pretty much sat at my computer the whole time. I am really enjoying digital scrapbooking. At this point, I don’t really have a big enough workspace to do any traditional scrapbooking, so digital is working awesome for me.

Here are some pages I did today. Older pictures from 2004. Click on the thumbnail to see the larger image in a popup window.

mom, it’s snowing

The first words I heard this morning when the kids woke me up. :)

Here they are gazing out the living room window at the falling snow.

Today is one of those cold outside, stay in and be cozy kind of days.

Prayers for all that are traveling over the next few days. The roads are supposed to be “treacherous” and that is a quote from today’s Storm Team 8 forecast. We have decided to stay home this year, so I’m thankful we won’t be out on the roads much. At least not traveling very far. Dinner at Jake’s dad’s tomorrow is only blocks away from our house. :) I am a little sad that we won’t be in Ohio with family like we usually are each year, but that just makes me look forward to Christmas even more.

The kids are happy about the decision to stay home. We have plans to go see Chicken Little this weekend. Chloe’s first time in the theater. We’re going with Jake’s sisters and all the kids. It should be a lot of fun.

Hope you all have a very happy Thanksgiving!!!!

By the way, the strange looking “hat” Zach is wearing in the picture above is a little feather hat he made at school for their Thanksgiving celebration.

thanksgiving dinner

Went to my parents house on Sunday afternoon for an early Thanksgiving dinner. It was nice that we could all be together, even if I was the grumpiest person on the planet. I woke up that way and was pretty much a monster all day long. (Jake will tell ya’!)

When everyone sat down to wait for the food to be ready, my Dad decided to start clinking his silverware together. The kids caught on quickly.

We had turkey w/gravy and mashed potatoes and corn and biscuits. It was delicious!

My mom always has her house decorated at all the holidays. She’s so good with that stuff.

I’m so terrible at decorating. I can barely keep the house clean, let alone fancy it all up. But I wish I was better at that because I know it would be more fun for the kids. Friday, we will be pulling out the Christmas tree and decorations. I’m excited and I know the kids will be, too. Looking forward to that.

The forecast is calling for snow and lots of it through the Thanksgiving weekend. I’m not all that thrilled about it, but I think it will be perfect to put us in the Christmas mood. :)

a day off

This was one of those days. cold outside. All i wanted to do was curl up on the couch and do nothing all day. Well, i didn’t spend the day on the couch, but i successfully did nothing much at all. That makes me happy. I need this once in a while. So, I spent the day relaxing with the kids. We watched “Home Alone” – love that movie around the holidays. Zach and I even played the game “Candyland”. Dinner was simple. Chili in the crockpot all day. Ready when Jake got home. It was Chloe’s first taste of chili. She hated the kidney beans, but loved the rest. Zach refused to try it. He’s an extremely picky eater. ugh!

After dinner, I spent a little time sitting at my computer looking through some old photographs from 2004 and decided to do a few scrapbook pages.

Here they are:
Click on the images to see larger versions of the pages.

Most of the digital elements used were from various kits from Digital Design Essentials. Gina’s kits rock!


Can’t believe these were taken only two weeks ago. When the kids were outside playing. No coats. A nice cool night but not too cold. A perfect fall evening.

And now … two weeks later … we have snow and it’s 30 degrees out. It began yesterday. The nasty, wet rain/snow mix with high winds that cut through you like a knife. Brrrrr! Today, it’s still snowing. Much prettier. Fluffy and falling softly. That’s the kind that really puts me in the holiday mood. I can live with snow for the holidays, but after that it can disappear until next year.

Wishing we could have autumn just a little bit longer.

ps – gotta love those fake cheesy smiles my kids flashed me :)

working hard …

… or hardly working as the saying goes. I’m taking a break.

Editing some engagement pictures tonight. Kelli and Dan. So cute and such nice people.

The colors were so gorgeous and I LOVED the bench! Really cool gardens on the campus of MSU.

Everything has been driving me crazy this week. I don’t know why. I just know that every little thing is bugging the crap out of me. Especially the kids and the house. Ugh!

And it will only get worse – at least for a couple weeks – since I am cutting out all regular Coke and switching to Diet again. Coke withdrawal, here I come! I did this after Zach was born and ate only healthy foods and no sugars and I lost 35+ lbs. I have been very discouraged over the past couple years since Chloe was born. I never lost the baby weight … I’ve actually gained more since then. So … I’m taking steps again to become a healthier, more fit person – this will help with those crazy heart palpitations and high cholesterol for sure. This is a really difficult time of year to begin a drastic change in the way I eat, but I’m not alone. My mom and I are both at that breaking point, where we know we want to lose the weight and we are going to do something about it. So it begins … :)

“Dear Sally …” Finished watching FELICITY last week. All 4 seasons. I’m nuts. I stayed up until at least 1 am every morning watching episode after episode. I loved it … so much so that I started over and am watching them all again. It gives me a little bit of that nostalgic college feeling. Reminds me of what it was like to leave home and live in the dorm for the first time. Although, I didn’t travel all the way across the country for school like Felicity. I ventured a whole 1/2 hour from home. :)

“Talk back soon.”


My little Spiderman …

… and my pretty princess

Finally, after wearing it around for weeks, Zach got to officially be Spiderman for the night. And Chloe, who made all sorts of crazy faces when I took her picture (as you can see), wore a Snow White costume, but said she was a pretty princess. :)

They had a good time. This was Chloe’s first year going out trick or treating. She loved all the candy and had no fear going up to those houses. Jake said she went to the first five by herself because Zach was a little shy and scared about it. He obviously takes after me. I was the same as a child … very shy. I hope he outgrows it faster than I did. :)

so excited!!!!!!

Picked up Scrapbooks etc. Photography special issue on Tuesday. It was so fun to see two of my pictures used in this book. What a great photography resource. I’m so thrilled to have been included. And Zach thought it was really cool, too. :) “Is that me helping Grandma with the Easter eggs?” He had a big smile on his face. It was so cute.

And thanks again, Heather, for asking me for pictures!!!!

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