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it’s a boy!

Took the day on Wednesday and went to visit Julie, who just had her sweet little baby, Kurt, on Oct 6. Got some cute shots of baby and big sister Kaleigh. Here are just a few.

can it be true?

Did I actually spend time scrapbooking tonight? Yes, I did!!!! Just a few hours but it was nice. I went back to the 2004 pictures that I left off on. It’s so funny to look at those and see how much the kids have grown in the past year and a half. They’ve changed so much.

Here are the pages I created tonight …


It’s so nice to have a little break from shooting weddings for a while. I got so far behind on things around here. When I’m in wedding mode, that’s all I think about and everything else is on the back burner.

I have high hopes for this weekend …

I really want us to work on the upstairs bathroom and get it mostly done so we can use it again. It’s been sitting there way too long unfinished. We have no other plans this weekend so there is no excuse to not finish some things.

I also need to take some time and clean the front porch/toy room. So many old toys need to be donated or thrown away. There are more toys than my kids even deserve out there. I told Jake that I should make all the family and friends who have spoiled my children with toys come over and clean my house and see what they have done to me!!!! :) To stand there and look at the volume of toys crammed into that room, it’s quite overwhelming.

I’m looking forward to Sunday. I got a call last night. My best friend, Beth, is flying in to Grand Rapids and she wants me to come pick her up and spend the night here. I’m so excited. I haven’t seen her in a while. She recently moved from New York down to Florida and I’m anxious to hear all that’s been going on in her life. I can’t believe it’s almost been a year since I visited her in New York. We had such a fun weekend driving all over the place and talking … and taking lots of pictures, of course. :)

Here is one that I took of her at Congress Park in Saratoga. I love this picture of Beth.

edited: just got home from picking up Zach from school. the weekend begins!!!!

look at those eyes

Haven’t shared anything from my recent shoots lately. This is one of my favorites from a family shoot I did a month ago. I didn’t even have to ask her to pose that way. She just held up the flowers and smiled so cute. A natural. Beautiful eyes! :)

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