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Since I posted that picture the other day of us on our 10th anniversary trip, I thought it would be fun to put a picture up here from our wedding day. Yikes! Here it is …

Taken on our wedding day – August 26, 1995. Seems like so very long ago. Jake looks TOTALLY different. I think I look about the same as I always have – just about 50 lbs. heavier and my hair is lighter.

Look at my dress. Oh my Lord … of course those puffed sleeves had to be inspired by Anne of Green Gables. Huge. That’s all I have to say about that.

We were happy, though. It was a strange time. We went to Disney on our honeymoon and then to Fort Campbell, where Jake was stationed. We lived there for a few months – in a hotel since we knew it would be a short amount of time before he was restationed to Baumholder, Germany. Very weird to not really have a place of our own. But we wanted to be together and it was a good thing we did that because in December when he arrived in Germany we learned that he would have to go to Bosnia for a year. So those first three months were a blessing since we spent almost the entire first year of our marriage apart from each other. It sucked, but we adjusted. We were so happy when he was finally done with his time in the service in ’98. Bought a house, settled in, had a couple kids … these ten years have been full of many changes and adjustments. I know there will be many more ahead. I’m just so thankful for the husband that God has blessed me with. When I think about the path I was on before Jake … things could have turned out so differently. I’m so thankful that God kept me from being heartbroken for the rest of my life and gave me someone who truly understands me and would do anything for me … and has!

Looking forward to the next 10 years and beyond!

mackinac again … the last day

Finally posting pictures from the last day of our anniversary trip. It only took me a month to get through them all. :(

After taking the 9am fairy back to Mackinaw City, we planned to drive across the bridge and back just for the fun of it, have breakfast back in Mackinaw City and then do a little shopping there before heading home. We drove across the bridge and went to Straits State Park to the lookout there and took some pictures of ourselves with the tripod. We both like this one of us. :) Then, we headed back across the bridge and went downtown. The first thing we see is the road blocked off so we parked toward the end of town and walked down. There were some firetrucks and we could see smoke in a building across the street, Mama Mia’s – a pizzeria with a museum about the Mackinac Bridge upstairs. There were quite a few people there for a car show (camaros everywhere), but that sort of got upstaged by the fire. The entire street was full of people gawking at the burning building. It was very sad. We walked down about a block past the fire and ate at a little restaurant there. One of the waitresses said the owner of Mama Mia’s is an older man and a friend of theirs. He was close to retiring and leaving it to his children. So sad. And all of the things that were in the museum upstairs were one of a kind, things that just can’t be replaced. Here are some links to stories and sites about the restaurant/museum’s fire:
Petoskey News
Mackinac Bridge Museum
Mackinac Bridge
Very sad that so many one of a kind items were lost. Hopefully, people will donate items that they have to open a new museum next year.

Jake and I sat through breakfast peeking out the window to see black smoke billowing out of the roof of the restaurant just down the street. It felt a little weird to be doing something normal like eating a nice breakfast together while less than a block away people were risking their lives to stop the raging fire. We didn’t stay and shop at all. Most of the shops were open, but we didn’t feel like it after that. Didn’t feel right. We just wanted to go home and see our babies. We missed them. Both of them ended up being sick that weekend. Chloe was sick when we left them at my parents house. And by the end of the weekend, Zach had a high fever of like 103 and mom said he was talking all crazy that night like he was delirious or something. That’s never good. But he was better by the time we got home. What a relief. We were very glad to be home. :)

more mackinac

On our last night on the island, we took a walk down the boardwalk and sat together on a bench. It was so nice to just sit together and enjoy the quiet. Jake really wanted to get up and go. He’s a very restless sort of person. He doesn’t sit still for long unless something has his attention (TV, video games, etc.). So, for him to sit with me for almost an hour waiting for the sun to set was a big deal.

While waiting, we watched the many seagulls flying around. Two landed on the railing right next to us. They just kept staring at each other. Jake tried to sneak as close to it as he could and this is the shot I got when he moved too quickly and it flew away.

I played around with camera settings while we sat there, trying to get some good sunset shots. It wasn’t the most dramatic sunset I’d ever seen, but it was still beautiful. It looked like this beautiful path of light was welcoming us out to take a walk across the water to where the sun was. :)


So proud of Zach. He did so great at school on Thursday. It was the first time that he gave me and Chloe each a quick hug, turned and went into the classroom with absolutely no resistance. I was ecstatic.

It was also a special day at school … Teddy Bear Day. The kids were all asked to bring along a favorite teddy bear. Zach chose his sister’s favorite bear, this little Beanie Baby bear that she has lovingly named “Bear King”. (Don’t ask me where she came up with that name. Maybe it sounded like Burger King to her or something because she’s all too familiar with that place.) :(

Anyway …

Zach was wearing his little bear hat when I picked him up from school. It was the cutest thing to walk into that room and see him sitting there, chatting with his new friend Bubba (adorable little guy), and wearing his bear hat. He looked happy and, for the first time since he started school, I felt calm about sending him there. I knew that it would get easier as the days passed, I just wasn’t sure how long it was going to take. I’m so thankful that he’s enjoying himself a little more now. It’s becoming normal for him, the routine of it all. It’s more comfortable for him and that makes me happy. I feel totally at peace with our decision to send him even though he turned 5 right after school started. We knew he was ready!!! ….. And look how cute he is in his little hat. :)

more mackinac … finally

Still feeling less than perfect, but I am finally getting around to posting some more pictures from our anniversary trip to Mackinac Island.

After the rainy Saturday morning, the sky cleared and we had a gorgeous afternoon. So, we took a walk up to the Grand Hotel. It was absolutely huge! I loved it. We paid the $10 per person to be able to walk around in the place. We got there at tea time. How snooty is that! There were lots of Red Hat Society ladies having tea together. :) The gardens and grounds were lovely. It was worth the $10. We got out of there before 6, though. You can’t be on the premises after 6 unless you are dressed up – guys in a suit, girls in a dress. Again … snooty! But I still would love to stay there sometime.

1. The Little Stone Church – we saw 2 different weddings happening at this church on Saturday. There was also a wedding on the porch of our hotel that day, too. Weddings, weddings, everywhere!

2. The Governor’s Mansion – I’d like to stay there. Looks huge! They said it has like 20 some rooms and 9 bathrooms.

3. The view of the Grand Hotel from the street

4. It seems a bit of a cliché, but people were actually playing croquet on the lawn.

5. Walking through the paths around the grounds

6. Cute little chairs around the fountain at the Grand Hotel

More pictures to come of our afternoon and the beautiful sunset on our last night there.

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