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more mackinac

Our Saturday started off very rainy and dreary, but I actually didn’t mind it. We slept in until 10 and then had lunch at a little place called Mary’s Bistro. Then a few souvenir shops before hopping on a carriage tour of the island. We enjoyed that. We stayed dry and got the narrated tour complete with crappy jokes, like when we passed the cemetery and were told it was the “dead center” of the island. ugh! We laughed anyway. Not long after the tour, the rain stopped and the sky cleared and it was like a whole new day.

Sunny island pictures to come …

well … i did it

I took my baby boy to school for the first time. He was very clingy to me. He kept saying he didn’t want to stay and I almost lost it and scooped him up and took him home again. But I managed to hold it together until after Chloe and I snuck out of the room and Jake got him to go over and sit with the teacher and the other kids on the floor. After that, I lost it. I was crying just about the moment I walked out of the school. I feel very helpless. Jake keeps reassuring me that the teachers and staff know what they’re doing and Zach isn’t the first child to be scared about starting school. I know he’s right. But he’s my first child. I prayed God would protect my baby and be with him. I know he’ll be a pro at this in no time. Me … well, it might take me a little longer with this whole letting go thing. I’ve never been good at that. Here are a few pictures from our morning. Such a big boy. And Class of 2018. That seems so far away, but I know it will be here before I know it and then I’ll be crying again when he goes to college. :)

i’m back

OK … I’ve been home since yesterday, but this is the first chance I’ve really had to post on here. Just a few pics tonight from our first night on Mackinac. I’ll post more later.

Off to bed now. Need rest. Tomorrow is Zach’s first day of kindergarten. Yikes! Say a prayer for us.

happy anniversary, Jake

Today marks 10 years since we walked the aisle and devoted our lives to each other. It seems like such a long time ago. So much has happened since then.

I’m so thankful for you, Jacob.
Happy anniversary.
I love you.

cherish and maggie

Had a lot of fun visiting my friend Cherish this weekend.
We threw a baby shower for her and it is also her birthday
this week, so we brought along a cake and celebrated that
while we were there, too. :) It was a really fun day! Here
are just a few of the many pictures I took.

daily pictures

Haven’t updated my daily photo album in the past couple days, so I thought I’d share a couple pictures here that I came across while backing up all the files from my last wedding.

That’s Heidi in the background of the bride and groom checking
the camera after getting a shot of the couple.

And here is the picture she took that she was checking. You can
see me in the background about to shoot the picture of Heidi. :)

Is that confusing or what? It should be like “The House that Jack Built” …

This is the picture that Heidi took
This is the picture that Kris took of Heidi checking the picture that she took


• July 31, 2005

Very tired from back to back weddings. Both were very lovely. Haven’t had a chance to load all the pictures from my memory cards into the computer, but I had to clear one of the cards for Jake to use tonight at Bible School at church. So I loaded one of the cards Heidi used while being my assistant for the day! She captured some really nice moments. Here is one of them she took while I was shooting from another angle. :)

Thanks again, Heidi!!!!!!!!!

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