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… to Nate & Jen Simonini • July 30, 2005

And thanks again to Melissa for being my assistant for the day! You rock!!!

guest photographer

A couple weeks ago, I let Heidi borrow my Digital Rebel to play with.
She loved it and got some great shots while visiting her grandparents.
Here are just a few that we loved of her cutie niece, Alexa,
and another Heidi self portrait. :)


OK … someday Chloe will kill me for telling everyone this, but for now she has no clue so I’m spilling it. My sweet, adorable little girl is gross. At least she was a couple days ago. Every afternoon she takes a nap at about 1 o’clock. Well, on Monday, she didn’t nap, but I could hear her up in her room banging stuff around and I knew it was a huge disaster. A little while later, I hear this little voice saying, “Mommy, I poopded (for some reason my kids always add that extra d in the middle of words with -ed on the end – not sure why because I didn’t teach them that).” So, I went upstairs to change her and found a horrible disaster. I was in shock. She had taken her diaper off and attempted to wipe her own butt with socks or pants or whatever she could pull out of the dresser. It was on at least a dozen items of clothing, smeared around in two different places on the carpet, and on some washcloths that were hidden in her armoire. I made her stand at the end of her bed holding the railing until I got everything picked up. I started sorting the clothing and toys that were laying around and I just couldn’t keep from crying. It was absolutely disgusting. I know I’m not the only person to ever deal with this sort of thing, but I just didn’t want to touch the nastiness. Jake came home and found me sitting in the rocking chair crying. I tried to get the nasty poop off the rug and it wouldn’t come off. He put Chloe in a nice warm bath and gave it a go while I got her all cleaned up. He did manage to get the spots mostly out of the rug (we are borrowing my mom’s steam cleaner to see if that gets it up any better) and he took the crappy clothing outside and hosed it off before running it through the washing machine. I think Chloe thought the entire situation was funny. We asked her what she was supposed to do next time she went poop in her diaper during nap time and she giggled and said, “Take my diaper off and wipe it on the floor.” Real funny. After talking to her some more, she said she would call for us if she needed changed instead of trying it herself. We are now putting her on the toilet before naps and bedtime. I think she just wants to learn to go potty. I have no complaints about that. Bring it on! I’m tired of wiping up poop anyway! Disgusting!


Here is another from the last wedding I did in June. It’s the first page of a little brag book album I made for them. :) One of my favorites.

up north

The trip to the UP was a lot of fun. Exhausting, but fun. We visited all the tourist spots and I took tons of pictures, especially of the falls. The river was extremely low. So much that people were swimming under the lower falls – the smaller of the two areas of Tahquamanon. They were diving down under and walking across the river in lots of different places. Jen said it’s usually much deeper and the river is usually more rapid through there. Normally it would knock you over I guess. The upper falls were the same. Normally the water comes down all across the rocks, but on this day the falls were split and there was a section in the middle where no water was flowing over at all. A couple of crazy teenage boys even climbed the railing of the lookout and walked out to stand on top. Crazies! It was still a beautiful sight to see. Someday I’ll go back and see them in all their glory.

Also, went to Straits State Park to the lookout there and got some nice sunset pictures of the bridge. I can’t wait until next month when Jake and I go to Mackinac Island for our 10 year anniversary. Yes, that’s right … 10 years!!! Can’t believe that much time has passed already. :)

On a health note: got the results from my blood tests back on the way up north. I have high cholesterol and have to change my diet and exercise more and take some medicine to lower it. Yikes! High cholesterol at the age of 32. Not good. Drastic changes are in order. Healthy living, here I come!

me at 32

my weekend

On 4th of July, I posted a message about Summer & Ryan having their baby – Cade. Well, on Thursday, I dropped off some picture stuff from our maternity/family photo shoot and I got to meet the little guy and snap a few pictures of him while there. What a cutie. So adorable. And so tiny. Those little fingers and little toes. I just adore baby feet. Here is a picture of Cade – 10 days old. :)

In the evening, I started having some strange heart palpitations. My heart skipped beats and would race funny. Scared me to death. So, I’m calling the Dr. on Monday to get all checked out and see what could be causing it. I have my theories, but I want to make sure it’s nothing serious.

Jake went to hang out with my brother for the evening and I watched the 80’s Disney thriller “The Watcher in the Woods”. Anyone else remember that one? I watched it in 7th grade English class. I remembered it being really creepy and after all this time it still creeped me out. It’s the music and the funky camera angles they use along with the spooky old house they live in and the scary woods behind the house. Definitely an old movie – still sported that old “Buena Vista” logo at the beginning of the movie – the clothing was totally 70’s and the acting wasn’t the greatest, except for Bette Davis, who played the eccentric old lady who owned the big spooky old house. I enjoyed watching it again. Definitely creepy.

Got up and piled in the car. Got some McD’s for breakfast and headed up to Barnes & Noble so Jake could get his copy of “The Half-Blood Prince”. Can we say “obsessed”? LOL! Stopped at Best Buy, too, and got the kids headphones for the portable DVD player in the car. Much quieter now. Zach also got the “Spongebob Squarepants movie”. He was so happy. He saw it in the theater with his daddy when it first came out. He’s watched it twice already. I will never understand what it is about that crazy sponge that kids dig so much.

Had a few more heart flutters. Keep breathing in and out deeply until they pass and trying to relax. There is a history of heart problems in our family so that worries me a little bit.

Stopped at Jake’s mom’s house on the way home from GR to meet his sister Heather’s boyfriend, Jeff. Seems like a really cool guy. He likes Star Wars and Harry Potter, so he’s OK in Jake’s book. :)

In the afternoon, I stayed home to relax while Jake took the kids to our niece Megan’s birthday party. I guess the kids just had a blast. Zach had to be coaxed to go into the pool but Chloe kept jumping in so Jake had to make sure she had a life jacket. She’s only 2-1/2 and she doesn’t know how to swim yet. She’s going to be our little fish. She loves the water. Absolutely loves it!

I had a nice quiet house for several hours. Ended up watching reruns of “Laguna Beach” on MTV. Got sucked in. It’s supposed to be “reality” but a lot of the situations and conversations seem contrived a bit. Who knows. I’m sure when the 2nd season comes on I’ll get sucked into watching that, too.

Also spent some time monitoring the weather yesterday. I was supposed to shoot some engagement pictures in Holland last night, but after viewing webcams of the area and the National Weather service site all day, decided to reschedule. They really wanted some nice sunset shots and it was very hazy over there and thunderstorms in the area. So we have to do it another time. :(

Watched “The Life of David Gale” last night. Got it from Netflix last week but had not watched it yet. Very good movie. Sad. I totally predicted the ending. I won’t give anything away, but I will say that the ending is a little bit of a twist, like many Kevin Spacey movies are. :) Kate Winslet, as usual, gave a great performance.

Woke up feeling better (my heart). I’ve had a few flutters this morning, but again I’m trying to relax and breathe.

That’s about it so far …

Going to visit my friend Jen this afternoon. We are planning a girls road trip for next weekend. A little last minute, but we’re up for it. It’s kind of my birthday trip (my birthday is Wed. – the big “32”).

Right now, I’m going to eat some breakfast. Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend.


This week has been ALL about work for me. Two days in a row, my mom kept the kids all day so I could edit wedding pictures. Today, she is picking them up again just for a few hours this afternoon. I am SO thankful for my mom. She helps me so much. And my kids adore her! Thanks, Mom!

So … I’ve been editing like mad and will post a few more wedding pictures here when I’m all done

Back to work now!

video compadisk

That’s what Chloe calls all things media – cd’s, dvd’s, videotapes, camcorder tapes. I did a little scrapbook page the other night with pictures from a day she was messing in the office with all the “video compadisks”. Cutie girl!

Made this page with some digital design essentials stuff and rhonna farrer brushes. Loving digital.

hot hot hot

Spent the afternoon at Grand Haven yesterday. So hot out. The water, which was only 59 degrees, felt great! The kids had a blast jumping the little waves that were coming in. Zach is so much more comfortable in the water now. He used to cling to Jake, but now he runs and jumps in and just seems to love it. Chloe … well, she is still hesitant, but she loves to play in the sand. I know they will both soon be swimming all over the place.

Wish I had my camera with me. I thought about bringing it but decided against it at the last minute. (picture above was taken in May when we went to Grand Haven for a photo shoot I did) Took the kids to Dairy Queen on the way home, which would have been some great pictures. Zach with chocolate ice cream all over his face. Chloe dancing around, jumping up and down, entertaining all the other people who were enjoying ice cream there. It was hilarious.

Today, we are staying cool in our house. It’s already in the 80’s outside and it’s only 10am. Crazy.

Stay cool!

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