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thanks and butterfly bandages

Thank you all of you who wrote and encouraged me. It was good to have a few days to just let the tears come out. After my 2am prayer session the other night, I feel lighter. I was telling Jake that just last night. I feel like a little more of my past baggage has been lifted. Little by little it seems to get better.

We went to Chuck E Cheese last night for my brother Tim’s 29th birthday! Yes, that’s right … 29. Now that we have kids we don’t look like such geeks going there. Our kids just love it. Had a nice time and then while trying to get the kids in the car disaster happened. Chloe spilled a little tiny bit of pop in my new car and I ran around to open the front passenger door and try to find napkins to soak it up. I made way more out of it than it really was. I should have just stayed on my side of the car and let Jake handle it but the thought of sticky soda ruining my clean floormats was too much for me. So as I pulled the passenger door of the car open my body was still moving toward it and I slammed the edge of the door straight into my forehead. I immediately bent over the passenger side seat holding my head in pain. I cried for a couple seconds and then found a napkin for my bleeding head. Jake seemed to be way more panicked than I was. We got in the car and I put pressure on it. I was sure I would need stitches because it was a pretty deep gash. But as we got closer to home I could see that it was staying closed on its own and had stopped bleeding. So Jake got some butterfly bandages from Walmart and now I have one of those in the middle of my forehead. Looks attractive! :( At least I didn’t need stitches. I have a KILLER headache now. All my own stupid fault. It could have been much worse, though, so I’m not complaining. So … that was our big drama of the evening.

Tonight should be a little more uneventful. At least I hope so. We are going to dinner with our good friends, Karleen and Johnny. So looking forward to hanging out and enjoying some Outback Steakhouse and chatting. Adult conversation is ALWAYS good. :)


Jake just commented to me that it wasn’t very nice that I “shot an adorable family last Friday” (see previous post). ROFLMBO!


It’s time to post some pictures! I shot an adorable family last Friday. It was a family and maternity shoot at the same time. Got some really adorable pictures. I’m still editing them, but wanted to share a couple today.

Their daughter is so adorable with her cutie blonde curls. And they are expecting child number 2 any day now. Baby had dropped as of Friday and the doctor wasn’t sure she would make it all the way to her appointment this week. So we were lucky to get the shoot in before baby arrived. :)


      at emme’s birthday party last weekend


the sisterhood

Girls, young and old, filled the theater this afternoon. I loved it!!! It was like a great big slumber party. Everyone was sniffling at all the same parts and when the movie was over I just had to smile at all the girl chatter that filled the room. It made me happy.

The movie …. LOVED IT!!! I cried several times. Definitely a chick flick. I don’t think there was a single guy in that theater. :)

I like to read, but I LOVE when books are adapted into movies. I’m a visual person, a huge movie lover. So to see a story adapted for the screen and done well really thrills me. This was adapted really well. I think there were a few things here and there that they changed for movie purposes, but for the most part it was true to the book.

I think the character that I relate the most to is Lena, the quiet one. Afraid to really let go, trying to figure out who she really is, not the most outspoken of the group. That’s totally me. A little reserved, doing what I think others want me to do, wishing that I had the strength to stand up for myself more, a little shallow with my feelings, mostly to protect myself from being hurt, but wishing I felt more deeply sometimes.

These kinds of stories really make me think and they get my creative juices flowing. I began writing a book in 1997 based loosely on my time at the church camp I used to attend for a week every summer in high school. I finally finished the first draft last year, but I’ve done nothing more with it. I feel like pulling it out and working on it now. It’s so fun to read through it and see these characters that I’ve created with little bits of myself and my friends in them and the adventures that they go through and the lessons learned during the week at camp. I’m proud of my book. It needs a lot of work and who knows if it’s something that is good enough to be published. It’s the “Lena” in me that is afraid to put it out there and see what might happen with it. I need to let it go and see what God can do with it. :)


So happy the end of the week is here. Specifically that my Thursday dentist appt. is finally over. It went great. Love my dentist. He is a really nice guy who goes to our church. Unlike my old dentist, he described each thing he was doing and talked me through everything. My biggest concerns going in were a tooth that I thought might have a cavity and whether or not my wisdom teeth were ever going to show up. X-rays showed absolutely no wisdom teeth. Crazy. But I’m relieved because I have such a small mouth, I know they would have had to be taken out. I do have a small cavity on the tooth I was worried about and he found another tiny spot. Both can be taken care of in one visit. And he’s giving me the nitrous because of my nerves when it comes to getting the shots and stuff. I’m just glad that I finally went and got it over with and now I don’t have to be nervous about going. I do feel a little bad about leaving my dentist after going to him my whole life, but he wasn’t my choice. And I want someone who makes me feel comfortable and someone good for the entire family so that’s what we decided. No regrets! Thanks to those of you who sent up a little prayer for me to calm my nerves. I needed it and I woke up that morning feeling surprisingly calm. It wasn’t until I was in the car on the way that I got really nervous. I seriously almost started crying in the waiting room. But once I sat down to talk with the dentist and told him my concerns and fears, it all went away.

So I’m going to celebrate tonight by going to see “The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants”. I read the first book and have started the second and I really liked it. I hope the movie is just as good. I’m sure it will be. I think Alexis Bledel and Amber Tamblyn are both good actresses. Never seen the other 2 girls in anything, but I’m sure they will do a great job, too. I may post a little more later tonight – my thoughts on the movie.

sweetie girl

Kids are up early!

That’s actually a good thing today.

My mom’s coming to get us soon and we’re going shopping for a gift for my cousin Traci’s little girl, Emerson. We are celebrating her 1st birthday this Saturday. :) She’s such a little cutie. This picture is from Christmas, the last time I saw them. Look at those eyes!!! I know she’s grown a ton since then. Chloe is so excited to see the baby. She is in love with babies right now. Anytime she sees a baby she wants to go and play with it. So sweet.

Happy Birthday, Emerson!

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