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cute couple

My mom made a comment about yesterday’s post that I said “what a cute couple” and then showed 2 far away pictures where you couldn’t see what they looked like. oops! I just liked those pictures and wanted to share them. Here are a couple more from the shoot. They really are a very cute couple. And so nice. I’m thankful for all the nice people God is allowing me to meet.

the end of busy week

Can it be? The end of one of the busiest weeks I’ve had in a long time. I’m relieved and tired.

We had no huge Memorial Day plans. Today, we went to Jake’s mom’s house to visit and have food on the grill. Very delicious. We didn’t stay all day long. Hopped in the car around 4 and headed an hour away to Grand Haven for an engagement session I had to do.

We arrived there about an hour and a half early so the kids could play. A little chilly but just gorgeous. I loved just laying there on the blanket soaking up the late afternoon sun and feeling that breeze brush over me. I love the lake. Wish I could afford to buy a house there. Ah … to dream.

And what a cute couple I got to photograph tonight, too.

peek a boo

Hiding from mommy’s camera
Peeking out the door to see if the photographer is still there
Never standing still long enough to let anyone get a great shot
Pretending not to like it when mommy takes her picture
Secretly loving the attention and
Loving her own personal paparazzi :)

chloe cuteness

Browsing through some of my pictures this morning. I feel like I’ve barely taken any around here lately. But I found these cute ones from the beach on Mother’s Day. Chloe and Jake have such a sweet father/daughter bond. It’s so cute to watch. I’m so thankful that I have a husband who likes to get down there and play with the kids and tell them stories and roll around like a kid with them. He is, after all, a great big kid himself. :)


Jake and I attended the 12:01am showing of “Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith” last night. It was crazy! 1,000 Star Wars fans all in one room. There was amazing energy in the air. So many people were dressed up as their favorite characters. The funniest thing I saw all night was a guy dressed up like Queen Amidala from Episode I with the white face and the big red gown with the glowing eggs on it (that’s the best way I can describe it – if you saw Episode I then you probably know what I’m talking about). It was hilarious! We sat next to some funny guys who talked light sabers with Jake for a while. I rolled my eyes and said, “You’re such a geek.” They kindly informed me that I was sitting in a room full of geeks. :) Jake made a joke that he should have taken his shirt off and came as the Rancor Keeper from Return of the Jedi. LOL! Jake is kind of a big guy. The guys next to us were so excited at the thought. The one next to me said the Rancor Keeper was his favorite action figure of all time. Geek! I really loved being among geeks, though. It was a riot!

The movie … I won’t give anything away but it was amazing and very sad at the same time. To finally know the reason why Anakin turned to the dark side is heartbreaking. Going into the movie, I wanted to know more than anything how the babies were separated – Leia with Bail Organa and Luke on Tattoine with Owen and Baru – and I was also curious if Anakin knew that he had children at all. They cover all that and I was very pleased with how they left it. :)

Tip for those with young children who love the Star Wars movies …. DO NOT TAKE YOUR KIDDIES TO THIS ONE!!!! It’s PG-13 for good reason. Very dark. Violent. Images that would haunt a little child’s dreams. Not good for kids. We definitely won’t be letting Zach watch until he’s much older.

So … now Jake and I are pumped to sit down and watch Episode IV after finally knowing the full back story. It will be interesting. Kind of a closure for all us fans who have been dying to know everything. We were definitely not disappointed. George Lucas, you ROCK!!!


strange days

I’m in one of those funky moods the past few days … it’s that week out of the month when my emotions are all out of whack and I can’t seem to focus or make sense of anything around here. I’m doing my best.

Here’s a quick list of things going on:

My business: Busy, busy, busy! Busy editing April 30th wedding. Finished designing photobook for that same wedding (see a few example pages below). Lots of inquiries and upcoming meetings about my wedding photography – very exciting!

I have to pause here and just say that God is so good! Last fall, I sat down and wrote goals for my business. I really wanted to have 5 weddings or other events by June. God has totally blown me away. He has brought so many nice people my way and He has surpassed my goal – I have 10 weddings on the books right now. Despite these past few strange days I’ve had, I am feeling happy and blessed about business matters.

OK … back to the list …

Gearing up for the Star Wars movie on Wednesday night – watching lots of Star Wars this week – like crazy people we are going to the midnight show on Wed. We did the same for the past 2 movies and will continue our tradition for this third and final film. Jake is just about bouncing off the walls and he keeps saying “72 more hours”, “36 more hours”, “24 more hours”. My husband is such a geek. But I love him. And we both love the Star Wars movies so that’s all good.

Signed up for Netflix finally. Jake’s been bugging me about it for a while and I started adding things up and it really does end up being a better deal for us. Chose the 2-at-a-time plan. Got my first movies on Saturday – Phantom of the Opera and Oceans 12. Watched Phantom … very good. I don’t love all musicals but this one was really good. Beautiful songs and beautiful cinematography. I loved it. Wish I could have seen the Phantom musical when it was being performed in Canada. Friends of mine got to see it and I remember them talking about the huge chandelier. That would’ve been awesome to see.

Watched the finale of Everybody loves Raymond tonight. We have not watched all of the seasons of that. We sort of picked up on it in the last year or so because of reruns. I actually got a little teary-eyed. I thought it was very sweet. Just the right amount of laughter and serious moments. We’ll miss ya’, Ray … but wait … we’ll see you over and over and over every night in syndication. :) LOL!

Kids are a bit hyper lately. Especially Chloe. She won’t seem to listen to anything I ask her to do. I did get her to pick up all the clothes she emptied from the drawers in her room today. I know it will get better. Some days are just more trying than others. I’m trying to take deep breaths and not let my quick lips get the better of me. I have a tendency to snap at them more often than I praise them. Working on that. Zach’s been so cute lately about the whole Star Wars thing. He wants his own little light saber. Definitely following in Daddy’s footsteps with his love of all things Star Wars. And because he owns the Star Wars Lego PS2 game, he knows every single Star Wars character’s name. It’s funny to hear him say “Obi Wan Kenobi” and “C3PO”. And this is not SW related, but it still has to do with the kids. Chloe saw a preview on TV the other day and repeated the title “Madagascar”. Her pronunciation was as plain as day. We were like, “You know how to say Madagascar, but you can’t pronounce your own name.” She still says “Floe” instead of “Chloe”. Silly girl.

I’m very tired now … I feel my eyes rolling back into my head … must rest … more updates later!

a cute one to share

   julie & tony • tiscornia beach

may 8 2005

I love you, Mom!


Chloe is doing a little bit better this afternoon. I had errands to run so I packed the kids in the car at about 10:30 this morning still in their pj’s. :) Picked us up some BK lunch. Chloe didn’t touch the food and barely drank any of her chocolate milk. Zach, who is usually such a fussy eater and very difficult to get to eat an entire meal, wolfed it all down in 15 minutes. I think he was just excited that the PS2 got fixed and he could play his new Star Wars Lego game. That game cracks me up. Little Lego Obi Wan Kenobi is so cute. (Nothing compared to Ewan McGregor in that role, though! LOL!)

Chloe is napping right now. She had a dose of Tylenol and is very sleepy. Fever is still a little above 101 but she seems a little more herself than she was this morning. I think it did her good to get out of the house and take a drive. Always helps me! I love driving around.

While the kids are busy, I’ve been working on Anya’s wedding pictures. Almost finished editing. But I came across one that I absolutely love and I just had to share.

So sweet. So much love. You can see it.

I’m always surprised when I see pictures that I’ve taken and I find something so real in them. Like I’ve captured a little bit of true emotion and they will be able to look at it forever and remember how they felt in that moment. Those are the pictures I love. And that’s what I strive for in my photography. Finding the real, as I sometimes say. I don’t really have a “catch phrase” for my business or anything, but if I did it would probably be that.

getting ready for kindergarten

It’s a bit scary getting ready to send Zach to school for the first time this fall. I have had some anxiety over this. Afraid I will take him and he won’t know where to go and he’ll get lost … that sort of thing. Jake and I attended a parents’ meeting last week and it was wonderful. They explained everything we need to do to enroll him and everything that will take place on the first day of school. We are both excited about this.

I came home and told Zach how excited we were and what an awesome school he was going to. He screamed “NOOOO” and didn’t want to hear another word about school. “Oh great,” I thought. Then I was afraid that he wasn’t ready and he really wouldn’t want to go.

Today, I took Zach to the school for the first time to have a vision and hearing test and he did GREAT! He did not want to leave. The funniest thing was … when we first arrived and found the room where the testing was being done, I had to sit down and fill out a couple forms. Zach stood next to me and talked to the lady at the registration table. He said, “Mom, this table is a trapezoid.” Sure enough, it was a trapezoid shape. The lady was impressed and said they don’t usually learn that until the first grade. :) I was such a proud mommy!

So … come August, I will be the mother of a kindergartner. He will be one of the youngest in his class as he won’t turn 5 until September, but HE IS READY!!! And he’ll be awesome!

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