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“On behalf of the President of the United States and a grateful nation”

It always gets me when they present the folded flag to the spouse or surviving family member and say that. So much meaning behind those words. So much sacrifice and bravery to protect this nation and our freedom. Such pride in the eyes of the family as they each took a shell casing that was fired during the 21 gun salute. Proud of their father. Proud of his service for our country. I felt priviledged to be able to take some pictures for the family during the service. So they can remember this special tribute from a grateful nation.


The service was really nice this morning. We sang a couple of hymns and Jake’s aunt shared some words about her father. She has a beautiful way with words and shared the traits that each of her brothers got from their dad. “In my brother Larry, I see my Dad’s face.” It was so touching and a beautiful tribute. She also shared many memories of her dad throughout the years.

Jake’s Dad also spoke. He told of Grandpa’s time in the military and in Shanghai. He had a little map that he carried of Shanghai and on the back was a list of all of the places around town to see and he had placed little checkmarks next to all of those he had visited. And he loved cribbage and carried a mini board with him all the time. On the back, a list of towns he had been to during the military was scrawled. There was a picture of Grandpa up front in his uniform along with all of the ribbons he received in the Army. A great man that was loved and respected by many.

One of the things he loved the most was FISHING. Just about everyone mentioned a fishing trip with Grandpa, and Jake has many memories of that as well. The Pastor spoke of fishing in his brief message. He talked about how Grandpa had taught his kids to put the bait on the hook and cast it out. Then, once they caught a fish, he taught them how to take the fish off the hook. Then he would get more time to fish. :) Pastor talked about how Grandpa was a great teacher. And he compared how he taught his kids to bait and take the fish off to how the parent teaches the child and lets them go to continue on and teach their kids and grandkids and so on. I thought that was really cool … the legacy passed down from generation to generation.

Tomorrow will be the military funeral where Grandpa will be honored for his service and buried at Ft Custer National Cemetery in Augusta, MI.

Thanks for all your prayers. The family seems to be doing very well. Jake’s Grandma has Alzheimer’s, too, and they aren’t sure how much of this is truly sinking in. So … prayers for Grandma would be appreciated.

Something really neat that Jake’s mom shared with us just before we left the luncheon … On Saturday night, Grandma woke Grandpa up at about midnight and they got dressed and roamed the halls of Tendercare, the home where they both have been living for a while now. They could not get them to go back to their room. The two of them just walked together all night. Perhaps somewhere deep inside her subconscious Grandma knew something would happen and wanted a chance to walk with her husband once more. It was the next day that he took a turn for the worst.

That just makes me happy inside. That they had that connection and that time together. I get a little teary just thinking about it. They were married for over 60 years. How wonderful is that!

two weddings and a funeral

Jake’s Grandpa passed away early Monday morning. Very sad. It was not unexpected. He had been suffering with Alzheimer’s disease for some time now and he finally shut down. Sandwiched in between my wedding last Friday and my wedding this coming Saturday is a funeral. A memorial service for Grandpa Noorman. A time to remember this man that I barely knew but am still connected to through my husband. Grandpa served in WWII and will also be given a military funeral on Thursday.

So my week is filled with beginnings and endings. The start of new lives together, celebrating happy couples as they begin a new chapter. And the end of a life, remembering Grandpa and all he did in his long life on this Earth. Sadness. Happiness. A mix of emotions.


A few of Anya getting ready! :)

the happy couple

Anya & Nick
April 22, 2005

Congratulations, Mr & Mrs Plummer

Just got home from Anya and Nick’s wedding. I’m so tired, but it’s worth it. I got to share this important day with them – from the hair and makeup all the way to the tossing of the bouquet and garter. It was beautiful, truly beautiful. They are such special people with huge hearts and you can just see the love between them.

I will be loading all the pics into my computer tomorrow and I’ll share a few from the day here on my blog. Let the proofing begin! :)

Congratulations, you two. Have fun on the cruise!

happy birthday jake

Jake’s birthday was on Saturday but tonight was the night we all headed out to Chuck E Cheese’s for the birthday celebration. Yes, my husband turned 32 and we celebrated at Chuck E Cheese. It’s sort of a crazy tradition in my family. Since we were young, mom always took us there for birthdays. We started going when the place was still called Showbiz Pizza Place. It’s corny and cheesy (no pun intended), but we have fun. And now that we have kids, it’s fun for them, too. Jake took Zach all around playing all the video games tonight. Mom ended up taking Chloe around to play. And me and my brothers sat and talked while munching on pizza and cinnamon sticks. Tim kept trying to get me to refill his Coke. Such a lazy bum. :) We always laugh. We each have our own viewpoints on life, unique ways that we react to situations, different hobbies … but I think we have the same sense of humor. The same sort of things crack us up. And we can make fun of ourselves and our life growing up and have a good time with it. And they are good uncles to my kids, too!

self portrait

Decided to take Ali’s self portrait challenge. I don’t have many pictures of myself lately. Mostly because I’m always the one behind the camera. But seeing many people’s blogs over the past few days with their own self portraits made me want to give it a try, too. I took 46 pictures of myself standing in my kitchen holding the camera out in front of me. These are the two I liked the most. :)

Here’s me … 3 months from turning 32, overweight, my makeup mostly worn off from a long day, hair pulled back loosely in a ponytail just to get it out of my face. Nothing fancy, just me … plain and simple.


Got an email from my friend Heidi this morning. Since she’s been visiting the blog, I thought I’d post a picture just for her. This is a VERY simple digital layout I did for my 2004 album about the night we went looking for dresses for her wedding.

Click on the image to see the full page.

Heidi, this one’s for you. I’m still holding an “L” up to my forehead. LOL!

sunshine makes my kids happy, too

more pics from yesterday – Chloe on the Step2 slide Grandma bought the kids last year

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