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an album

Thinking about the last album I actually completed and I thought I would share it here.

It’s been a loooooong time since I posted any layouts on 2Peas, but if you click on the image above it will take you to this album that I posted there over a year ago. It was one that I started to make for an album contest but it ended up being something really special to give to my kids someday. :)
(The scans are really crappy, by the way – just warning ya’ ahead of time)

scrapbook inspiration

Got my Simple Scrapbooks Magazine in the mail yesterday. Haven’t had time to sit and read through the articles, but I skimmed it last night. I love getting my magazines in the mail. I love simple scrapbook layouts. That’s more my style, though I love all the pages that talented people design for Creating Keepsakes magazine, too. The pages below were made by Tara Whitney (pg 114-115 of the mag). I just love Tara’s style. So simple and fun. I always smile when I see her layouts and I was so happy to see these in the magazine last night.

There are SO many creative scrapbookers out there that inspire me and get the creative juices flowin’. I just wish I had the time to actually sit down and scrapbook.

Albums I’m working on:
• 2003 – only about 1/2 way through that one
• 2004 – trying an all digital album for this year
• Albums for Chloe and Zach – these are ongoing
• The Story of Us – about our dating relationship, engagement, wedding and honeymoon

I’m still itchin’ to start some high school albums and an album about living in Germany and traveling around Europe. I need to be better with time management and schedule a little of my week for scrappin’. I miss it. And I’m not going to say that I’m “so far behind” because I know that I’ll never catch up as long as I’m livin’ and snapping pictures. :)

happy birthday jen!

Here is a glimpse of the album I made for Jen for her bday last year. The cover and the opening dedication page.

Happy Birthday, Jen! I still mean all that I said on this page last year. Love you tons! • K

sharing sunday

Just a couple more of the kids to share from Easter Sunday.

She loves her Daddy

It’s been a couple days since I posted any pictures, so I thought I’d share one of my favorites. I took this last summer at our annual family reunion in Ohio. The second I saw this, I just loved how it turned out. It was among a series of shots I took of Chloe hugging Jake. Definitely the best of the bunch. :) I have it framed in my living room.

Good morning

The kids let me sleep until 7:15 … miracle of miracles. That’s sleeping in for me. :)

The sun is shining already this morning and today is forecast to be the warmest day here in 5 months. Should hit 63. I’m so joyful about this.

Wanted to share an excerpt from the daily devotional I receive each morning through the Purpose Driven Life website.

“We were made for relationships and formed for Gods family. Being alone is not a part of Gods plan and yet we often run to the larger assembly for the safety of its anonymity. Some people (like me) go to large churches with the expressed purpose of getting lost in a crowd, and that does not bode well on our need for fellowship. Fellowship is scary. Relationships are complicated, but we dont grow without them. We simply cannot be made whole alone.” – John Fischer

I am guilty of this … wanting to blend in with the crowd and stay anonymous. It’s safe but it doesn’t make you a happier person. It just makes you anonymous and that’s really not what we were put on this earth to be. Just a challenge to everyone (myself included) to put yourself out there more and share yourself with others. I feel like I’m doing that more these days, especially with this blog. I’m connecting and “meeting” people from different states and even different countries. Instead of floating around in cyberspace keeping my mouth shut, I’m sharing my heart with all of you. That’s more like it!

lookin’ snazzy

Here are my kiddos looking all cute in their new Easter clothes. We didn’t make it to church this morning. Jake got home from his trip around the time church started and he helped get the kids all cleaned up and dressed.

Had a yummy dinner at my Mom and Dad’s house (ham and mashed potatoes), then mom hid some eggs and we took the kids out hunting for them. Chloe wanted to take off running the second we stepped outside. She didn’t really care much about the eggs … she had freedom! It was probably close to 50 out today, the warmest it’s been in Michigan since last year. I was extremely excited when my brother Rick told me the forecast for this Tuesday is 62. I just can’t tell you how happy that makes me. After the egg hunt, mom and I took the kids for a walk. It was SO nice to breathe fresh air for once (the recirculated furnace air in our house is probably so filled with dust mites and other nasties … probably why I’ve been so sick this winter). I’m ELATED that Spring is finally in the air.

We’re all exhausted around here right now. A long day of playing … soon it will be bedtime for the kids and we will have some quiet time.

Hope you all had a wonderful Easter day with family and friends.


Watched Finding Neverland last night. What a sweet and touching movie. I’m a sucker for a good drama. The cinematography was just beautiful. Loved it! There is a scene … couldn’t find a picture of it anywhere on the internet, but I love the look of the scene where Johnny Depp and Dustin Hoffman’s characters are walking along talking and they come into the shadows and you see their silhouettes framed by this doorway. I loved the angles and the light and dark. Very creative. Very beautiful. And I watched all the extra stuff on there, too. The outtakes were hilarious, especially the fart machine they set up so they could get the young boys to laugh at the dinner table scene.

• Love this image. Saved it to my hard drive the second I saw it.

• Kate Winslet … I’ve been a huge fan of hers since I saw Sense and Sensibility. She’s so beautiful but yet so real in the characters she plays. I love that. And the girl can cry … which makes me tear up every time.

• I loved this scene. The character of Sylvia’s mother was so cold throughout the movie and I loved the moment that she gives in to that inner child and claps her heart out when during the play “Peter Pan” asks them to clap if they believe in fairies. :) Such an awesome scene. She is so not the one that you would think would initiate the clapping. In that one moment, she went from being “Captain Hook” – arrrrgh! – to someone who remembered what it was like to believe in magic.

• This scene made me bawl. Going to “Neverland”, just as he promised her.

Also, the writer that adapted the screenplay, David Magee, looks SO darn familiar. I can’t place where I’ve seen him before. If anyone knows if he has ever acted in anything please let me know. It’s driving me insane trying to figure it out. I looked him up on IMDB but it only lists this movie as his only credit for writer. No acting listed. I don’t know. It says he was born in Flint, Michigan. Maybe I’ve seen him around the state. :)

fun with words

This is fun. Found this link on another blog today and took a few minutes to play. Choose a word or name, then you can click on each individual letter to get the look you like.

nervous tummy

Happy Easter!Had a very sluggish sort of day. Yesterday, Mom took the kids for me again and I had a work day. Got lots done, but I had this overwhelming nervous feeling all day. I couldn’t pinpoint what the problem was or why I just felt like crying all day. I have come to realize over the years that there is about one good week for me each month where I am really happy and productive and then the hormones kick in and I’m a mess. I’ll have a few good days and then one of those days where you feel completely overwhelmed by things and you feel like there’s something you forgot to do but you can’t figure out what it is. It seems those sort of days outnumber the good ones lately. Mom said I was having anxiety. I really have become a nervous, worrisome sort of a person in recent years. I think the chaos of two little ones has contributed a lot to that. I know I’m not the only one in the world who has ever felt like this, but some days I feel as though I’m alone in it and nobody understands how I’m feeling.

Today was different. Not like yesterday … but still a lingering nervous feeling. We went to Mom’s and the kids colored eggs (well, Zach did … Chloe wasn’t patient enough to sit for that). I spent the whole time taking pictures. Then, I put my camera away and sat down in the chair at the table to watch what they were doing. I leaned my arm on the back of another chair and leaned my head on my arm and I ended up falling asleep sitting up. I think I’m just physically and emotionally tired. Mom watched the kids for a while and I laid down in what used to be my bedroom and took a nap. Well, I kinda took a nap … the kids kept coming in there and climbing on top of me or throwing stuffed animals on me since that is now their play room. I did feel somewhat better after resting my eyes for a while.

Some of my anxiety may have to do with the fact that I think I have a cavity or worse in one of my rear molars. I have a serious hate relationship with the dentist. Just thinking about it makes my stomach turn. I had some experiences as a child that are not pleasant memories and have really made me the way I am toward the dentist today. So, I will soon be making an appointment for a checkup. Jake just had a root canal and a filling with a wonderful dentist here in town that goes to our church. He had a great experience with this dentist, who is up to date on all the equipment and everything. So, I am switching dentists after all these years. I don’t feel bad about it at all. He wasn’t my choice for a dentist anyway and he’s not great with kids (as you’ve probably gathered by this post). i will not put my kids through having a dentist that isn’t gentle with children. No way! Enough about that … I’m getting a stomach ache just thinking about it again.

So … the kids are finally in bed. Chloe fell asleep on the way home tonight and I put her to bed before 7. She had a long day of playing and was absolutely exhausted. Zach got special treatment tonight and got to stay up an extra hour to watch a couple cartoons and play a little PS2. He wasn’t too fussy when it came time for bed, but he was extremely loud trying to wake his little sister up. What a pest! She didn’t wake, though. HA! Nice try, buddy!

Now is my time. The house is quiet except for “Ashlee Simpson” on MTV in the background. I’m about to fix myself a cup of French Vanilla instant coffee and watch “Finding Neverland”, which I’ve had rented for 3 days now and finally have a chance to watch. I’m sure my crazy hormones will have me bawling 10 minutes into the film.

BTW, this is a picture that I colored one day at Mom’s while the kids were coloring. Once in a while, I like to sit down and open up a coloring book. This one had Easter bunnies in it and I liked all the cute eggs and had fun decorating them up with colored pencils.

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