Monthly Archives: February 2005

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Monday Morning

Winter Storm Advisories today in our area so we’re stuck indoors for the day. Here are the kids this morning – Chloe playing around in the kitchen, laying on the floor doing “snow angels” and Zach playing “Shrek 2″ for Playstation 2. Me … I’m trying to type in between Chloe throwing stuff at my keyboard. Kids … gotta love ‘em.

2 already?


It’s so hard to believe that Chloe is 2 already. She barely wore her lei for the “Hula Girl” themed party but at least I caught a picture before she took it off and threw it around the house. Our tiny house crammed full of 20+ people I might add. I am really thankful that so many people showed, though. Chloe may never remember her 2nd birthday, but I will. So many people love this little girl. She’s so blessed.


I did it … I started my own blog. I’m jumping on the bandwagon. :)

Not really sure if I have a specific purpose for my blog yet … just wanted a place to share thoughts and pictures with family and friends.


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