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You’re here! I’m so excited! On February 26, 2005, I started this blog, and for the next two weeks, I will be looking back at the past TEN YEARS of blogging!

Ten years has gone by in the blink of an eye. At least, it seems so at times. I’ve been browsing back through old posts and, while the style of my photos (lots of borders and filters in the early days) has changed, the core of the posts has not. It started with a few posts about my kids and that’s pretty much the same today. I wrote about things we did, places we traveled, movies I loved, following my love of photography into a business, family, friends, parties, scrapbooking, memories, happy times, sad times, publishing my novel. So much of our life.

Ten years is a really long time.

So, for the next TEN DAYS, I will be looking back, sharing old photos and favorite posts, and there will be GIVEAWAYS!!!

GIVEAWAY INFO: There are four ways to enter through the giveaway box below and each will get you five entries in the drawing.

• The first option is the only one you HAVE to do in order to be entered. I’ll ask one question in every day’s giveaway. You just have to enter your name and email address, give a brief response to the question, and you’re in the drawing.

If you want more chances to win, you can …
• Join my mailing list (if you already have, enter your email address so I can verify)
• Tweet about the giveaway and copy/paste the link from Twitter
• SHARE about the giveaway and the BLOG-IVERSARY on your own blog, Facebook*, Pinterest, etc. and link to that as well.

All giveaways will end on my actual BLOG-IVERSARY, next Thursday, February 26th, so the giveaways will all be OPEN until then.
The winners will be announced in a blog post on FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 27th!

* Note: If you share on a private Facebook account and we aren’t “friends”, make sure you change the audience of that one post to “public” so I can see it. ;)


I’ve got a paperback copy of my first young adult novel ready to sign. The Truth About Drew was published last May.
It’s a sweet, uplifting, heart-warming story full of friendship and family with a journey to faith and a mystery surrounding a boy and his notebook.
Enter below. Tell a friend! :)

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If you have any questions at all about the giveaway, feel free to ask.


a very special place

Today, I’m sharing something a little different here. Nothing crafty, no photographs, nothing about my writing projects. Today is about a very special place and the special people behind it.

For the past probably fifteen years, I have been updating the BARNABAS MINISTRIES website, keeping it up to date with the latest events and news and newsletters. BARNABAS MINISTRIES is based in Zeeland, Michigan. They work with homeless youth and their families as well as youth in juvenile detention centers and so much more. They do so much to share God’s love with the hurting youth in their community. My dear friend Michelle works there and she is how I became involved in the first place.

The Mission of Barnabas: (taken from their website)
Barnabas Ministries is passionately committed to reaching high risk youth and families with the message of freedom, hope, and healing in Jesus Christ.

The Vision:
To create an environment where hurting youth and families can discover their value in Christ, grow in that knowledge, and pass that knowledge on to others.

Every few months, I add the latest newsletter to the website and I read stories about and letters from these kids whose hearts and lives are being changed because of the work that Michelle and LoriJo (the director of Barnabas) and the other wonderful people at Barnabas are doing. They are sharing the love of Jesus with these kids and that’s amazing.

One of their biggest goals over the years has been to build The Barnabas House, a safe place for these homeless kids to stay.

The BARNABAS website has always been designed by others, but I help tweak it as needed. Other than my own website/blog and one site I designed for a small roofing company my sister-in-law worked for many years ago, I’ve never designed websites for a living. It’s just something I taught myself along the way, a skill that I have used in my own business and my way of volunteering for Barnabas. So, I have been sort of behind the scenes with the news over the years, updating the site with the latest on The Barnabas House as things progressed.

The day is drawing closer and closer when the house will finally become a reality. LoriJo has just started a GoFundMe page and I really wanted to share it here. If you are considering your giving for 2015 and looking for a worthwhile place to donate, a place that is being used and guided in a huge way by God, consider Barnabas.

HERE is the GoFundMe site specifically for the Barnabas House. You can also donate to Barnabas on their website here (click to “donate” button at the bottom of the page).

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