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You’re here! I’m so excited! On February 26, 2005, I started this blog, and for the next two weeks, I will be looking back at the past TEN YEARS of blogging!

Ten years has gone by in the blink of an eye. At least, it seems so at times. I’ve been browsing back through old posts and, while the style of my photos (lots of borders and filters in the early days) has changed, the core of the posts has not. It started with a few posts about my kids and that’s pretty much the same today. I wrote about things we did, places we traveled, movies I loved, following my love of photography into a business, family, friends, parties, scrapbooking, memories, happy times, sad times, publishing my novel. So much of our life.

Ten years is a really long time.

So, for the next TEN DAYS, I will be looking back, sharing old photos and favorite posts, and there will be GIVEAWAYS!!!

GIVEAWAY INFO: There are four ways to enter through the giveaway box below and each will get you five entries in the drawing.

• The first option is the only one you HAVE to do in order to be entered. I’ll ask one question in every day’s giveaway. You just have to enter your name and email address, give a brief response to the question, and you’re in the drawing.

If you want more chances to win, you can …
• Join my mailing list (if you already have, enter your email address so I can verify)
• Tweet about the giveaway and copy/paste the link from Twitter
• SHARE about the giveaway and the BLOG-IVERSARY on your own blog, Facebook*, Pinterest, etc. and link to that as well.

All giveaways will end on my actual BLOG-IVERSARY, next Thursday, February 26th, so the giveaways will all be OPEN until then.
The winners will be announced in a blog post on FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 27th!

* Note: If you share on a private Facebook account and we aren’t “friends”, make sure you change the audience of that one post to “public” so I can see it. ;)


I’ve got a paperback copy of my first young adult novel ready to sign. The Truth About Drew was published last May.
It’s a sweet, uplifting, heart-warming story full of friendship and family with a journey to faith and a mystery surrounding a boy and his notebook.
Enter below. Tell a friend! :)

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If you have any questions at all about the giveaway, feel free to ask.


week in the life | wednesday

Planned out another layout from Week in the Life digitally and edited/sized photos to be printed. I’ve got a few other projects going on all at once right now, so it’s one step at a time with my Project Life. Designing one layout for my Week in the Life about once a week is working for me. When I get all the photos ready for all seven days, then I will order prints and finish the layouts with my handwritten journaling.

This day in photos:

• Me making my morning coffee (used the timer on my iPhone camera)
• The thermostat reading 62 degrees in our house. Brrrrr. Cold days.
• All the leaves that had fallen from our big trees.
• My notebook, which I fill with ideas and thoughts and to do lists.
• McDs hamburger and small Coke for lunch this day.
• Chloe’s BFF rides the bus and we always end up behind her bus on our drive home.
• Zach working on his homework while I played a little Bubble Witch 2 and watched Dr. Oz and Ellen.
• Dropped the kids off at youth group.
• Got myself a coffee at Biggby.
• Sat at the park and listened to Elise’s recent podcast while waiting to pick up the kids.
• Snagged the picture of Chloe in the red puffy outfit from the youth group’s Facebook page. It was a game they played that night. Crazies! :)

As with my other Week in the Life layouts, I am using the Amy Tangerine Plus One Mini Kit (printing these from the digital kit) and Design A pocket pages.

Project Life is an amazing and simple system created by Becky Higgins for getting your photos and stories into albums. Learn more HERE.

*some affiliate links used

week in the life | planning tuesday

Week in the Life was a lot of fun to do this year and I’m still going through the pictures I took and planning out my pages before I get the prints ordered. This is my Tuesday layout, which I laid out using the Design A digital templates (available HERE for FREE!) and Photoshop. I’m working on one day at a time from that last week of October. No pressure to get them all done at once. Just whenever I feel like it or when I’ve got an extra half hour. That’s about how long it took me to choose the photos, resize and save them for printing, drag them into the templates in photoshop, and shuffle them around until I was happy with the look of it. That’s kind of how it goes sometimes. When you’ve got a little time and you feel like making something, you just go with it.

week in the life layout

I really enjoyed taking part in Week in the Life this year and I’m excited to have these extra layouts to add to our 2014 album. I still have to go through all of my pictures and narrow down what photos I will use for each day and what little stories I want to tell on those 4×6 journaling cards, but this is what all 7 layouts will look like.

Click for larger image

Project Life Design A pocket pages*
Amy Tangerine Plus One Mini Kit*

*affiliate links used. this means that if you purchase a product through an affiliate link, I get a tiny percentage of the sale.

hello, monday

Baby Mackenzie, Alice in Wonderland, and Carl Grimes from The Walking Dead

Welcome to the first full week of November! I was awakened to the sound of a Christmas song playing on the radio on my alarm clock. What?

Did you have a good weekend? Ours was very busy with Halloween, Chloe’s BFF here for the weekend, cleaning up the leaves in our lawn, church and the day at the farm. I’m pretty much exhausted now. I shared a bunch of pictures over on instagram. Feel free to follow me on there if you have an account. My username is kristajean.

(That is an unloaded air soft gun he is holding, btw.) ;)

Sunday was the last day of Week In The Life and I finished pretty strong. We spent the afternoon at my parents’ farm having caramel apples and splitting wood, so I took a lot of pictures there. By the time we got home around 6 o’clock, I was pretty much done. Loaded all my pictures onto the computer and I was curious how many I took each day. Here are the daily photo counts:

Monday: 82, all iPhone.
Tuesday: 84, all iPhone.
Wednesday: 60, all iPhone.
Thursday: 41, all iPhone.
Friday: 73, iPhone. 234, Canon 5D (pulled out the big camera!).
Saturday: 38, iPhone. 23, Canon 5D.
Sunday: 136, all iPhone.

Some days, not a huge amount of photos taken, but there are still enough that capture the events of the day and the everyday things that were going on around here. I also typed out everything we were doing, as I normally do, in a file on my computer desktop. I put together one layout (below) for Monday as one of my Project Life team submissions this month. I will share more later this week.

Back to the routine today. Here’s to a nice quiet week of catching up on stuff – housework and blogging and editing my book. I didn’t touch any of it for the past few days. :P

week in the life 2008

Back in 2008, I did Week in the Life the week leading up to Halloween just as I am this year. So it was fun to look back through all those photos and see how little the kids were six years ago and how our daily routine has changed since then. I’m sharing just a few favorites here today.

The above photo was taken at 10:28 AM on Monday, October 27, 2008.

At that time in my life, I was still shooting weddings and family photo sessions. So a lot of my days (and nights) were spent editing pictures, sitting at my computer for hours on end, sometimes letting a movie play in the corner of my screen while I worked on the pictures. I may have watched Bridget Jones Diary (and the sequel) several dozen times that season.

9:35 AM. I was really into freezing grapes for snacks then. Mmmmm.
10:25 AM. Making my morning coffee. Not much has changed there. Except maybe the creamer I use. I used to try different kinds all the time, but now I mostly stick with hazelnut.

Tuesday. October 28, 2008.
8:48 AM. Dropped Zach off at school. He was in 3rd grade. 8 years old. Oh my gosh, my little boy. I want to go back in time. That little smile. Adorable.

Wednesday. October 29, 2008.
9:22 AM. Chloe was five and in kindergarten this year, but only had class Tuesdays and Thursdays and every other Friday. So, my Mom would take Chloe most Wednesdays for “Grandma Day” so I could get some undistracted work time in. She still mentions that every once in a while and wishes she could still go to Grandma’s on Wednesdays. Good memories for her.

9:25 AM. Jake was home sick this day. Poor guy.

Thursday. October 30, 2008.
5:54 PM. Went to my parents house for my brother Rick’s belated birthday dinner. The kids put on their costumes for Grandma and she gave them a bag of Halloween candy. Chloe was Dorothy. I’ve always loved this photo of Toto peeking out of the basket.

Friday, October 31, 2008.
5:55 PM. Time for trick-or-treating. We always stop by Jake’s Dad’s house first before going to the houses in town. Our niece and nephew, Lexy and Austyn, were there, too.
6:50 PM. Isn’t this tree gorgeous? I loved the lanterns hanging from the branches. This was the most beautiful year for this tree. It’s never been as bright orange as it was that year. And they never again hung those paper lantern lights. I don’t know why ’cause they were so pretty. I drove by there the other day and the leaves are dull now and some have fallen. Thankful that I took a bunch of pictures in 2008 to remember it.

6:16 pm. Zach was Boba Fett. See those little pumpkin bags? I don’t remember what year, but my Mom got those for the kids and they have used them every year since (except for one year when we couldn’t find one of them). We tied a little white ribbon to one so they would always know which one was Chloe’s.

While looking through these photos and the dates, I realized that this year – 2014 – the days of the week and the dates are the same as when I did Week in the Life back in 2008. It didn’t stand out to me until I realized that Halloween was on a Friday back then and it’s on a Friday this year. How funny is that?

Halloween night 2008 was also the start of my first time participating in NaNoWriMo. I finished a 50,000+ word novel in the month of November. My first full novel written. A big accomplishment. That novel was Goodbye, Magnolia (only it didn’t really have a name back then), the book I will be releasing next Spring!

Other things that happened that week in 2008:

• Took photos of Heidi’s baby boy, Grady.
• Bank and post office runs.
• Too much fast food.
• Chloe got a touch of pink eye.
• Zach got head lice. (THAT was a long day. Luckily, I found the nasty bug right away after he complained of his head itching and I squashed it. The process of shampooing his hair and combing all of the eggs out of his hair was long and tedious and tear-inducing for both Zach and me. Thankful we caught it before all those little eggs hatched. That was a long day of washing bedding, vacuuming, spraying this special spray on bedding and anything he might have laid his head against. Glad we only had to deal with that once in all of the kids’ elementary school years.)

I did Week in the Life in May of 2010 also, so I may go through those and share some pictures from that week as well.

So, for those of you doing Week In the Life this year, how is it going? I’ve been doing pretty well with it. I thought I might use the big camera this time, but so far I’ve only used my iPhone and I’m OK with that. It’s with me all the time, so it’s so easy to just grab it and snap a photo when I’m out and about. My daily routine, especially in the mornings, is the same, so I’m trying to take different photos of that routine so I don’t end up with 7 photos of an above shot of my coffee mug. ;)

week in the life | day two

Welcome to Day Two of Week in the Life. :)

These are just a few of the photos I’ve taken this morning. My normal routine. Get up. Shower. Make coffee. Get on the computer. Write a blog post. Today, though, I spent some time in Photoshop digitally laying out my Week in the Life layout for yesterday. I’ve decided to do a full page spread for each day and just add it into the 2014 album. I’m going to keep it very simple, mostly all photos with just a few cards from the Amy Tangerine Plus One kit. I used the digital version to design with and will probably print the cards out on my own since I will probably use the same cards for each layout to keep it consistent and there aren’t enough of each card in the kit.

I’m enjoying this process so far. I don’t know that I will share stuff every day this week, especially Friday when we hit the Halloween festivities and everything. But I will share all the layouts when I finish them up.

Come back tomorrow for a peek at some of my Week in the Life photos from the past. :)

Happy Tuesday!

hello, monday

How was your weekend? Ours was spent as I knew it would be … working outside on the leaf-covered lawn. Only, it was so windy on Saturday that all my leaf blowing did nothing and now our lawn is completely covered again. Ah well. It was a nice weekend to work outside, that’s for sure.

This week, I am taking part in Week In The Life. I didn’t think I was going to do it, but woke up this morning and thought “Why not?” So I’m going for it.

Week In The Life is simply the process of documenting your week in pictures and words, capturing the little things, the routines of your days, and the little stories along the way. I’ve done this a couple times before and it’s always fun to look back on those weeks and remember what we were doing then and what our daily schedule was like. It’s fun to do this every once in a while. I’ll be adding a few layouts into the Project Life album to cover this week’s pictures and stories. Above are just a handful of the pictures I took today.

Ali Edwards has a couple great posts on her blog about Week In The Life. THIS ONE and the post she links to for inspiration. She also has some great Daily Sheets that you can print and use to document your days HERE (link to download at the bottom of her post).

I think it will be a very fun process! Here we go!

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