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happy valentine’s day


Snatch up the series at a great price today. And if you’ve already read The Cornerstone series, pass this sweet deal on to a friend.

Happy reading, friends! <3

3 books for 99 cents!

Yes, you read that right!
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I’ll be back soon with updates on what I’m writing this summer.
Have a wonderful holiday weekend and lots of happy reading!

facebook tutorial | see all my posts

I did one of these posts a while ago, but Facebook is always changing, so I put together a couple new updated graphics that will help both desktop users and smartphone users make sure they are seeing all of my FACEBOOK AUTHOR PAGE posts and get notifications if they want to when I post.


(used an iPhone for this example)

CLICK OR TAP HERE to go to my Facebook author page and get started!

cornerstone series special

So excited to share that all three books in my Cornerstone series are on sale this week!
You can get the entire series on Kindle for only $2.98,
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a prayer breakfast for my dad

This weekend was very emotional for our family as we had a special prayer breakfast for Dad, surrounded by his close friends, pastors from his church, and my grandfather, who is a retired pastor as well. It was a most amazing thing to witness as those men laid hands on my dad, anointed him with oil, and prayed over him for his health, for God’s will and timing in all of this. The presence of God could definitely be felt in that room.

“For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.” Matthew 18:20

Dad is trying to go about his days as normally as possible while he waits for a new liver. His options are basically what they call a CADAVER LIVER, which is when someone is on life support but has been diagnosed as brain dead and the family chooses to turn off the machines and donate organs, or a LIVING DONOR, which is when someone gifts a portion of their liver to save a person’s life.

In order for my dad to get a part of someone’s liver, there are many tests that have to be done — the person donating has to be similar in body size (make sure the liver will be the right size for my dad) and their blood type must be O (my dad is O+). They also must be 55 years of age or younger.

The coolest thing to me about living donors is that after they gift that portion of their liver to a person in need, their own liver will regenerate in a couple weeks, fully regenerating over a couple months (I believe) to a normal size liver. And the portion that would replace my dad’s failing liver will regrow to a full liver in a couple month’s time as well. That is the most amazing thing I have ever heard. The way God created our bodies to function is just mind-blowing.

If you feel led to gift a portion of your liver – a gift that could save my dad’s life – please let me know and I will put you in touch with them so you can get more information. There are many tests and things to consider.

And feel free to share about my dad’s condition. There just might be someone out there among your family/friends who God has chosen already to be a part of all of this, someone who is a perfect match who could get my dad the liver he so desperately needs.

Here is some information about being a living donor on the UNOS site:

Of course, the very BEST option of all would be if God just healed the liver he has. :) What an amazing miracle that would be.

We know God has a very specific reason for all of this, and we trust Him and His timing in Dad getting a new liver or one from a Living Donor. Please pray for us through all of this. We need as many prayer warriors as we can get.

Thank you, my dear friends.

halloweens past

We’ve walked Green Street in our little town every Halloween for the past decade. Sadly, we won’t be going this year. Mostly because the schedule didn’t work out this time. I think if it had, Chloe would have dragged her brother out there again this year. ;) I get a little nostalgic thinking about all those years of trick-or-treating. The pretty fall colors. Some years warm, some years freezing and pouring down rain. How when we first started going, we had to keep hold of our kids’ hands and cautiously dodge the traffic when crossing the street, and how over the past few years, wonderful volunteers, along with the police department, have blocked off the street to make it safer for the kids to wander around. We’ve loved going every year. It’s been a wonderful tradition.

So in honor of that tradition, I thought I would share these pictures of the kids in their costumes over the past 8 seasons.

• Boba Fett & Dorothy

• Supergirl & Link from Legend of Zelda (my mom MADE this costume!!! favorite!)

• Harry Potter & our little angel/devil

• Coraline & Steve from Minecraft

• Monster High character & a ninja

• Dr. from one of Zach’s video games & our Native American princess

• CARL (from The Walking Dead)

• Alice in Wonderland w/Carl

• A baby and a knight

Are your kids dressing up this year for trick-or-treat or a costume party? What will they be?

a fun fall contest

Hey all! Coming to you at 10:10 a.m. on 10/10 to share this little surprise with you. In celebration of my favorite season, I have partnered with over 40 amazing inspirational contemporary romance authors to offer a fun contest. You could win Goodbye, Magnolia and 40+ other books by authors such as Susan May Warren and Melissa Tagg (love their books!) and so many more. Plus you could win a Kindle Fire, too! What? Cool, right?

The contest starts today – Monday October 10th – and ends on Monday October 17th. Waste no time. CLICK HERE TO ENTER!

fathers in my books

Happy Father’s Day! We’re off to my parents’ farm to hang out for the day, celebrate dad and Jake, have good food and fun with family. On this special day as we celebrate fathers, here are a few snippets of scenes from my books of Claire, Maggie and Michelle’s dads.

The Truth About Drew

“How was school, Claire Bear?” asked Dad.

Claire groaned at her father’s endearment.

“Sorry,” he caught himself. “I know you think you’re too old for that, but you’ll always be my Claire Bear.”

Goodbye Magnolia - Cornerstone Book 1

“Merry Christmas, Magpie.” Her father, Ron, greeted her with outstretched arms and lifted her up in a big bear hug, his salt and pepper whiskers tickled her cheek.

“Dad, put me down!” She hugged him back and gave him a kiss on the cheek as he lowered her to the floor.

Until Then - Cornerstone Book 2

With all the chaos, Michelle had forgotten that it was Father’s Day. Of all possible days, this was the one God chose for her and her father to start the healing process. She was amazed at how God cared about the little details like that.


Hope you all have a wonderful day whatever your plans. :)

roller skating flashback

Today is flashback time! Going back to Woodland skating rink in December of 2007, because a scene in the new book takes place there. These pictures were from a roller skating party our son, Zach, had through school. Jake, Chloe and I went along, and we had such a fun time.

Look how tiny Chloe is. hehe! She was 4. She pretty much stayed by the wall or along the rail the whole time.

Zach had actually had lessons in his P.E. class, where they taught the kids how to skate, so he did pretty well out there. Well, most of the time.

I always loved to roller skate. My friends and I would go to our little local roller skating rink, Roll-A-Rama, in high school sometimes. I wonder if I was ever there at the same time as my husband, because he told me that he used to go skating on the weekends sometimes, too. So funny to think that we might have been out there skating next to each other and not even known each other yet. :)

During college, I went to the Woodland rink, shown in these photos, with a bunch of people from college, which inspired the scene in the book that takes place at this very skating rink. I saw recently that, after many years, the Woodland rink closed for good. So sad. But I’m glad to have happy memories there and some fun pictures of our kids skating at the place I enjoyed so much. And it will live on in my book, Until Then. ;)

a Merry Christmas giveaway

I wanted to pause during this busy week and wish all of you a very Merry Christmas. This year has been a full and happy one for my little family. And part of the reason is YOU. The support you have shown me this year for Goodbye, Magnolia‘s release was wonderful and so special to me.

And as a THANK YOU … I’ve got a little giveaway going on.

One of my wonderful readers will receive signed paperback copies of The Truth About Drew and Goodbye, Magnolia. I will also send the winner a signed paperback of Until Then when it comes out next year (release date still to be announced).

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thank you for your love and support.
Merry Christmas!

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